Troybilt tb90bc carb

mssurveyorMay 25, 2009

My wife owns a Troybilt tb90bc string trimmer. That I now own! The reason I own it is because the recoil cord broke, and she got her a new Husqvarna! Go figure! Any way, I put off getting into the recoil for over a year. I just didn't want to have recoil springs flying out every where. I fixed the recoil last week. Wasn't that bad at all. I lost only on body screw! Now it only wants to run with the choke partly on. I looked at the carb adjustment screws tops, and they're just solid round pegs with no slots for a screw driver. What gives? I figure it's one of those EPA don't mess with it things. But even it I take the carb apart, how do you get the needle adjustments out? I was hoping to open the adjustments up, and the trash would past through. But now I'm wondering how to deal with it if I rebuild the carb?



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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

3 things running with a little choke overcomes are loose carburator mount are gasket problem the other one partly plug gas passage I try tighten carb. Being engine does run add seafoam by using 3 caps full to tank so clean dry gas that maybe pluging fuel passage one cap seafoam take care very minner dryed gas problem engine may need new air filter for good clear breathing. These EPA carburators need seafoam twice summer even if gas fresh state there put away hot and gas starts drying soon.

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on my tb90bc, I do have sloted screws in the carburator. Which ones set speed and and mixture. It starts with the choke but looses power when I throttle up.

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Most of the newer weed wackers, and other machines with the 2-cycle engines, and some 4's, have a screen between the muffler and the engine, which gets plugged with carbon, and causes a slow-run happening. Some might have the screen at the muffler outlet, and some you can't fix, due to EPA regs.
A friend gave me a really nice weed-wacker that would not run much faster than idle. I removed the screen, and it ran great. A new screen completed the task. I offered to give it back, but he told me to keep it.

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