Is Walmart's Accel 30 Wt Non Detergent oil safe to old mowers?

loger_gwMay 11, 2012

Is Walmart's Accel 30 Wt Non Detergent oil safe to use in old lawnmowers? I wanted cheaper general-purpose oil but that is usually a 30 Wt High Detergent oil. The Wt I had right but I missed non-detergent until I started a mower's oil change today. I have never owned a new mower or tried to find a manual's specs vs using 30 Wt HD since 1973 in 3 mower. I managed to find a new qt of 30 Wt HD Castrol in my stash (probably 20 yrs old, LOL). Now I wonder if it would have mattered for my once a year oil chance.

The only qt of non detergent 30 wt I have specifically purchased was to oil wics in my AC/Heat Central Unit's motors (1970s per the installer).

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Non detergent is not suitable for an engine, the detergents break down the contaminants from combustion. Save it for pressure washer and air compressor pumps.

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It's hard to find (impossible maybe?) a non detergent oil that has the proper anti wear additives.

I like the older Diesel rated oils because they have a good anti wear "package" and don't tend to eat flat tappet cams. modern oils are designed for cars with roller tappets and have a different additive package.

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My 2 cents . Non Detergent Oils were the norm for lawnmowers and snowblowers for years. Normally these units do not have filters . I would not recomend these oils when you can have the dispersent additive reduce sludge and dirt , while rust inhibitors (alkaline) reduce the oxidation potential which occurrs when acidic oil becomes an issue. In an emergency sure but why save a few cents today and pay $ later ?

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The bottle clearly states below basically what has been shared. I'll use it as a gen non eng application.

Thanks For Sharing And Helping Me to "Wake Up And Slow Down"!

ACCEL Non-Detergent 30W Motor Oil is recommended for compressors and hydraulic systems that require non-detergent oils.
ACCEL Non-Detergent 30W Motor Oil, 1 qt:
* Recommended for compressors and hydraulic systems that require non-detergent oils
* Effective in lubrication of bearings and chains in non-critical "once through" systems
* Economical
* Good shear stability
* Good lubricity
* Straight mineral oil
* Good flow characteristics
* Not for use in automotive gasoline engines

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