Used or new John deere?

viroMarch 25, 2013

Moving to a new house and I get to get a rider! Yay! ...... Only I don't have a clue on what I should be looking at. We have a dealer in town but haven't had a chance to get in yet and I'm still doing a little research.

I'm moving to a 1 acre property for starters and plan to get a utility trailer to haul dirt/rocks etc while landscaping, haul woof for the fire, more than likely hook up a blade for snow, possibly get a tiller too but it's really not a necessity.

I'm thinking I should be looking for something with a 2 cylinder just for the whole snow/ hauling stuff. I just have a habit of thinking things through too much.

We plan on sticking at this place for YEARS to come so I know buying new should last me all that and then some but obviously buying new saves some on the wallet. New, I was looking at the x300's but maybe a x500. I stare at the D-series but figure that it doesn't suit what I want. I'm hesitant to buy used only to have it crap out in 10 years and be forced to get another.

Anyways, a guy I work with has a gt275. Looks in pretty decent shape, seems to be well maintained motor wise. $2300 Canadian is the asking price which includes mulch kit. The JD dealer has a 504 for $3900 ( not sure of year).

Educate me. Knock some sense into me. Lol! I'm not against buying new or used, just want to be comfortable knowing I'll make a good choice and possibly save some cash in the process.

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Should have also indicated the terrain was relatively flat, if anything gently sloped.

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might try - lottsa deere types over there.

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A gt275 is a nice tractor, but no one would consider the 2300$ price tag a gift. There are enough years to warrant a thorough inspection- especially of the deck for rust and welds letting go.

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With all of the heavy work you have planned for a lawn tractor--might as well buy a big, heavy tractor, and be done with it. Sending a lawn tractor out to do the kind of work you say--it will quit well before its time. Especially when hauling heavy loads of "woof"!

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any other thoughts? I'm getting tractor confused.....

New....or used........

I feel like some of the used prices are terrible (really high). I get they are John deere, but seriously, $3900 for a GT235? $2600 for a GT275?.......the only 'deal' I see through a dealer might be a x540 for $3900......I know Deere can hold their value pretty good but when I look up info on tractor data and see that these 'used' prices are like 80% of new (as in new 'back then' prices) I wonder why the hell anyone would buy a car! LOL!

I'm the kind of guy who likes to buy new but I don't want to discount used stuff to save some $ but this used stuff, although older, seems pricey compared to the new stuff.

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Maybe it is time to compare to Kubota -if you have a dealer near. Unfortunately, you are in the premium price time of year for used equipment.

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