Can't start my gas hedge trimmer.

sightunseen(7)May 29, 2011

I have an ECHO HC-210e gas trimmer. I had just bought it 2nd hand. I ran it great for about 10 minutes when it suddenly throttled high. I released the gas right away and it died and hasn't started again since despite much effort. Here's what I've done:

-I verfied spark at the plug by pulling the plug while maintaining connection, holding the hex area to the cylinder wall, pulling the start and observing sparks at the business area of the plug

-I verified gas getting to the cylinder by removing the spark plug and being able to sling liquid off it (I had just done multiple pulls with the throttle fully pulled)

-I replaced the diaphram, metering valve, lever and spring (items 4,5,7,8,9,10,26, & 27 in linked diagram-see below:)

See this link for the diagram and a troubleshooting chart for the trimmer

I assume that the "high tension cord end" is the connector at the spark plug. I'm not exactly sure how to test that. I pulled the plug cap and held it close while pulling the start, but observed no spark. Can someone confirm how to perform that particular check, or confirm that it is unnecessary because I found spark at the plug electrode?

Also, can anyone give me anymore guidance? Of the 100's of pulls I've done since the original incident, I never one time got a single fire from the engine despite every possible choke configuration and lean or heavy throttling.

By the way, while changing the parts I listed above, I thoroughly cleaned the carb.

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you might want Check the filter,fuel lines, and primer for cracks. It will suck air and not push fuel through the carb. next I would check compression or remove the muffler and peak at the cylinder wall and rings. Running high then dying sounds like to me it leaned out and starved it's self of fuel from sucking air or plugging up.

It also maybe flooding if you see raw gas spitting out the spark plug hole (needle not sealing off letting fuel free flow through the carb). IF the plug is wet when you removed it it's either flooded or no spark and you said it gets pretty blue spark when you tested it right?

If you got to prime it after you clean out the cylinder (removing all the raw gas by pulling the rope with the spark plug out or washing it out with carb. cleaner), inspecting the fuel lines, making sure the jug (head) mount screws are tight, and the crankcase sump cover screws use carb. cleaner. It will evaporate quickly and unless you spray more than 2 second blast it hard to flood it. should hit off the carb. cleaner if it getting fire. If it does then you got fuel blockage somewhere. which I would first suspect the needle not releasing (little spring out of place) letting fuel pass.

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It's quite possible it ruined a crankshaft seal. The running fast,then dying and not starting are signs of it.

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