Troy Bilt part removal, clutch diagram

paperdeskMay 25, 2010

I just bought a 93 Troy Bilt Pony, that has a bad starter clutch. It pulls fine, but the bearings get stuck and screech horribly. The housing is toast, so I need to replace it. My question is this, how do you remove the housing (part 67 in the chart below) from the flywheel? From Drop Box

Thanks for any and all help!


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canguy(British Columbia)

I use a Briggs tool and 1/2"impact wrench. Barring that, remove the ignition coil and use a strap wrench to hold the flywheel. Use a pipe wrench to screw the starter clutch off. Clean the crankshaft extension and install a new clutch, don't waste time trying to salvage the old one.

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Here's a flywheel holding tool. Are the straps commercially available?

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canguy(British Columbia)

I will check but believe the flywheel holding tool has been discontinued. Don't use a screwdriver through the fins.

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Remove the little screws that hold the screen on the clutch, remove the screen, then re-install two screws to hold cover in place. Then, using a flat punch, tap on the bosses that hold the starter cover on. You will have to keep the crankshaft from turning. a screwdriver inserted in the appropriate place will hold it firm. Do this to remove the starter housing. If you just want to free up the starter balls and parts, you can pry off the tin cover, and clean it out well inside. DO NOT GREASE IT! When you reinstall the little balls, they will not all seat themselves in the slots, but do not force them, just be sure there is a ball in every slot. A bit of light oil inside will suffice. then put the starter assembly back on, and tighten it up. I use a flat round punch to tighten them up.A screw installed in the flange holes will keep them from being squashed shut.

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Excellent info! Hope to give it a try tonight! Thank you canguy, baymee and rustyj14.

@rustyj14. Unfortunately the housing is shot. Already tried cleaning it, but it but it's too badly worn.

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I stuck a crow bar into a slot on the side of the flywheel, turned the clutch housing with a pipe wrench and it came off very nicely, no trouble. I really appreciate the help.


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