John Deere drive belt replacement

jewfzrMarch 5, 2008

Anyone have any idea about how to do this? I have the new belt around the the rear pulley wheel with the fan but am not sure how to get it around the front one?

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Sorry it's an old 111h

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shamrockva(Virginia [z7A])

Last spring I had to replace the drive belt on my JD. First, be sure you have the correct belt. Part number should be listed in your owner's manual or you could call a JD service dept. for the correct part number. (I know that sounds obvious, but last year a service guy misunderstood and sent me the wrong belt, and it took a couple of days to get the correct one.) It took me maybe half an hour for the whole job. I did have to remove a couple of pulley covers, and the wrench size was something odd (not 1/2 or 9/16), so it took a while to find the right wrench. On my deck there is a picture/diagram of how the belt is supposed to snake through all the pulleys and idlers. That helped a lot as well, since I was not able to find my owner's manual. It was a bit of work, but certainly a lot cheaper than having a dealership pick it up and repair it in their shop. Good luck with getting yours fixed and ready to roll for some early spring cutting.
Shamrock in VA

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If its anything like one older model JD lawn tractor i worked on--the belt replacement is not as easy as it seems. The one i did, it had the belt running back to an idler pulley, then back up towards the front of the machine, around another pulley, then back again to the trans pulley, around it and back to the front. I had never seen that type, nor worked on it. I finally had to get a copy from a friend, of the belt layout!

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A good rule of thumb for figuring out any belt drive is that the "v" of the belt goes in the narrower "V" idlers and the back of the belt always runs agains the wider "flat" idlers.

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I have an rx73. I was able to get the primary belt around the 2 front pulleys and the reverse side pulley, but cannot get the pulley around the variator belt. Is there no way to release the tension around it. I consider my self pretty strong, but have never seen a pulley set up that doesn't allow you to release the tension. The secondary pulley is spring loaded and all you have to do is release the 'secondary spring'. Can I place the tractor in a position of drive that relives the tension? Maybe there is a tool I can use. Help.

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