My Indian Pink has been replaced by Buckthorn

paulsiu(5a)May 23, 2012

2 years ago, I planted an Indian Pink (Spigelia marilandica). The year after, it returned so I planted a second one. My hope was that they will form a nice clump.

This year when both came up again, I planted a bunch of new ones around it. Afterwards, I notice the leaves on the new plants look slighly different than the old ones. In fact, the old ones look more like Buckthorn. Has the villainous buckthorn (who I am constantly pulling out of the yard) killed my Indian pink and took their place :-).

I suppose I can let it sit for a few months and see if flowers develops.


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!?@?!?#? Buckthorn! Its growing in my bushes everywhere. Can't really dig it out without hurting the bushes its growing into, and how can I spray it without getting it on my good bushes. When its little, you can pull it out by hands, but its hard to spot when its so little, and once its bigger, its hard to get rid of. sorry for your dilemma!

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Couldn't you drip roundup on the leaves or burn it using a lighter?


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Cut the buckthorn off short and then paint undiluted Roundup or brush killer on the outside edge of the cut surface, taking care not to let any drip onto other plants. It may take 2 applications to kill it. After the first one, if it resprouts, the leaves will be smaller and sort of warped, but a repeat application should kill it.

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when you say buckthorn are you talking about sea buckthorn? The one with the orange berries?


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hostaholic2 z 4, MN

If you can find it, Tordon will kill the buckthorn with one application.

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Paul, I know this is almost exactly a year later but I am curious as to the health of your stand of "Indian Pink" last summer and now this new year.

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