Sears Pressure Washer Parts

daproMay 6, 2007

I have been on sears website, looked at the parts explosion and there is no number for this part that is toasted on my hardly used washer...

Craftsman Model 580.752310

6.75 Horse

2450 psi

2.0 gpm

I pulled this washer out about a month ago, changed all the oil and cleaned it up from winter storage, I used it for about 2 hours to hose of my decks, worked problems

I let my father-in-law use it and he had problem off the bat, the washer would idle fine, but once you pulled the trigger it would bog down and die, he said he tried it a few time before giving up...

I pulled the pump today and took it apart, only to find a bearing in pieces, and no part # listed in the book or on sears website, my next step is to call them tomorrow or take it to the service center...but my father loves this website so I figured I'd ask here first...

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canguy(British Columbia)

Is there a manufacturer name and model # on the pump?

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A 580 is a Generac

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I contacted Sear Service Center today, they said if it's not on the parts explosion then they can't get the part, I have to take it to them and pay them $30 + to send it to dallas so a tech can look at it, there will be an hourly bench charge and price for parts, the last one they sent off took 2 weeks to get back and the guy paid just over $200, so I am checking ebay, I have seen a few complete pumps for about $60, so I think I will go that route before spending half of what I paid for it, I'm very ticked at Sears, up until now I loved Sears Craftsman...oh well

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Is there a dealer that services Generac in your area?

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I just got off the phone with 2 generac service centers close to me, they both said I would have to bring it in cause generac doesn't say either, the parts explosion in the generac pressure washer that uses the same pump has the same pic...this is hopeless, so I guess I will take a trip and go see one of these service centers about a bearing...thanks for all your help...

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I had a similar problem with my Sears pressure washer. I just replaced the pump itself . It was a lot less hassle than trying to go through sears to get the parts and way more cheaper than trying to go through sears to replace the pump. I ordered a new pump through and it cost about $140. It seems to be a better pump than the original. It is rated higher Psi than the original. For what sears wanted for a new pump I could have added some money to it and purchased a new (non-sears) pressure washer. My pump works just fine and I have not had any problems with it at all.

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Wobble plate pumps like that are rarely salvageable once they grenade. The parts and labor to fix them is way more than a new pump.

As was said, find yourself a new pump that has the same mountings. It is a good idea to get a pump at least one size, or quality level, up from what you had. These pumps will last a lot longer if you are not running right at max rated output and pressure. Of course, on new units they run them full out to get good specs for selling.

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