Troy-Built 4 Cycle Temps Cyclo Big Red TB575SS on the curb

loger_gwMay 19, 2012

Why would a Troy-Built 4 Cycle Temps Cyclo Big Red TB575SS be on the curb full of gas with screws removed tapped to it?

1. I got the trimmer thinking it was a 2 Cycle Blues initially "but d/n need a big challenge". LOL

2. My friend uses all the equipment or recycles all the scrap I'll take him.

3. I felt compression, saw a spark, it fired on a prime, int carb was spotless.

4. What is a common problem with this trimmer before I invest more time in it?

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Near as i can figger, somebody with two left feet was probably messing with it, and got it all gooberred up. If you can't figger it out, take it to somebody who is smart about this stuff, and let him figger it out! Might get yerself a good machine! RJ

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The Trimmer Is Working WOT! Searching for causes of No High Throttle, I found two good rational reasons (since the engine would idle or burn off a prime at higher throttle).

1. Vacuum in the fuel tank starving the engine of fuel allowed it to work by leaving the cap loose.
2. The other good option was a bad diaphragm due to ethanol fuel (an inspection d/n dictate).
3. There's no carb adjustment that ruled out the usual carb adjustment possibilities.
4. I still need info on how low compression sys works, I'm Old School, We Had Compression!

Info found at:

Good Luck With Your Experimenting And Adapting!!

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