Troybuilt Horse

bellhotrod1May 5, 2010

I have a Troybuilt Horse model,....want to know where the correct numbers are located for verifying year, model, H.P.,...etc.(all former decals are now gone) This tiller has been in the family for approx. 20-30 yrs. and it now has the bottom pulley spinning freely on the main output shaft coming from the gearbox (sheared the key off)...and not sure why.

Need to repair/dis-assemble it to locate the problem......any help will be greatly appreciated.

Also need to know what size belts are on this tiller, or what the part numbers are to order new ones(and also if this model has two drive belts or if it is a "two-speed", do you only use one belt?).....originals were shredded when the pulley broke loose.



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As you hold the handles, that is the right side on the right, looking forward!
Now, look down to the right side of the transmission. up near the top, and there should be some numbers stamped into the transmission case. They might be hard to see-might be filled up with paint.
As for the belts-belt. There are so many different ways that they ran the belts, and the forward and reverse way of operating the tiller. Some had one belt, some had two, some had a fiber reverse disc, so it is imperative that you find those numbers so you can learn what year of mfgr.. it was made in. If it has two belts, they must be a matched set.
Yahoo Clubs has a Troy-bilt Tiller Club, so try to get in there. Also, MTF is a good place to learn things!
Also, the two shiny vertical rods that hold the engine, must be kept clean and well-oiled.
When you find those numbers, tell us-somebody will help you with more info!
by: Rusty Jones

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

Here phone to painless parts for troy bilt tiller 1 800 609 5110 ank for Bill. He in va. so eastern time zone 8 to 5

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on troybuilt tiller have numbers 65728 on top of trans and th 1001-1 and 4/17/73 on side and under motor in front th 1002 with a b what do i have for a tiller so i can get a few parts thanks

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If you did not miss any additional number(s) in 65728 it should be a Horse I, mfg Jul/Aug 1973
This info is from Troy Bilt Tiller Club records, over on Yahoo.

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