chainsaw chain won't fit back into bar groove (very tight)?

greghauptmannMay 1, 2011

Whilst using my chainsaw (little Ryobi) the chain came off. I stopped straight away.

After taking it apart and trying to refit the chain onto the bar (in the groove) there are certain sections of the chain which won't easily fit back into the grove. These sections of the chain are so tight it's even hard to put them in by hand. I did push them in, but after I start the chainsaw and put it in drive it won't turn (so I stopped straight away).

How do I fix this?

It almost seems as there are some sections of the chain that are slightly bend or something. Is there something I can do to correct, or is this a job to take to a specialist to repair. Note the chainsaw is very new. This is only it's 2nd weekend of use.

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Sounds like maybe you twisted the bar and chain while cutting something, those light duty saws can be hurt easily by heavy handed usage. Better ask the place where you bought it. Also, could the bar groove have dirt in it? Check that too, by sliding a knife blade, or a thin piece of metal stock along the slot!

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Little ryobi don't tell us much? After you take rustyj advice and inspect and clean every thing up you can proceed. I don't know if it's gas or elect.? what size bar? made my poulan? So give the general proceedures when dealing with chainsaw chains mybe different depending on what brand or model?

Once chain come off it just don't go back on you have to adjust the adjuster back off, slip it over the bar, align the clutch gear with the cleats on the chain, put the bar back on the saw aligning the adjuster while keeping the chain in the bar groove, plus make sure it's aligned up on the end.

Now you got to put the cover back on while holding the bar and chain start the nuts run them down hand tight, take screw driver and adjust the chain tensioner. Now you can tighten the two nuts and check tension if too tight or too loose loosen the nuts and adjust the chain tensioner.

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I tend to agree with Rusty,s assumption as to a twisted chain link or more are causing your problem . This is quite common when a chain is thrown . The cause of a chain being thrown is usually a overly lose chain or a pinch situation where the chain is put into a binding / pinch situation twisting the chain within the bar groove.
Try what RC has suggested . You will most likely find where one or more teeth resist fitting into the bar groove . Then put the chain in a secure vise and with a large pair of pliers realign the chain links . Otherwise small saw chains are rather inexpensive .

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I saw this damage for the first time, recently. The chain flew off and the bottom edge of the chain, the one that rides in the groove, was mangled. Even grinding off the jagged edges didn't work. The chain was ruined.

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"I Feel"! A few select pictures of the saw's problem will tell the story and problem better than words. Can you post Pics or links to pics? A lot of before and after info is missing related to the problem. Do you have any past experience using a chainsaw and maintaining the basics?

Be Safe & Take Care! loger

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Cutting small brush at a angle is the fastest way to throw a chain, be carefull when doing that. Steve

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