Stihl FS 55 R

slowpoke_gardenerMay 8, 2011

I bought a Stihl FS 55 R string trimmer yesterday, brought it home and trimmed for 50 or 60 feet, less than 5 min. of run time and broke one of the strings off on a "T" post. When I lifted the trimmer to check the line I noticed the gear housing was too hot to touch. I checked the housing for grease and it seemed to have plenty in it. I let it cool and started it again today and just run at full throttle for about 1 min. and the head was hot again.

I plan on calling Stihl tomorrow to see what they say, but in the mean time I would like to hear from the real world.

Is it normal for this head to get this hot? I have never owned a Stihl of a straight shaft trimmer before, but at this point I cant see where it is worth almost 3 times as much as I paid for my poulan featherlite.

Thanks for all input.


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dontknow(z6 - Upstate NY)

Interesting... Would be interested in the feedback from Stihl on that.

I have a couple year old Stihl FS56 R which I consider just about a pile of crap and so not worth the 3x paid from one at the local big box store either.

That being said, I replaced the trimmer head that came with it, since that too, was garbage. I don't recall if the original head got hot or not.

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I did not get Stihl's phone number but did take the trimmer back to the store where I bought it. They could not get through to a Tech., but did take a new one off the rack and started it up to test. In less than a minute the one from the rack was so hot you could not hold on to the head. They did not want to take it back even though it had run less than 5 minutes. They did say they would contact the Tech. and see what to do. I have not heard from them yet, doubt that I do.

I wish I had bought something else. Echo was my first choice but I have to drive 25 miles to get the Echo.


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dontknow(z6 - Upstate NY)

Maybe that's the next Stihl recall to occur. One was just announced on their "new and improved" gas cap which is horrible at best.

Unfortunately for me, I had to pay out of pocket at the beginning of the season for a new gas cap ($13.00) cause that piece of junk broke at the end of the season last year.

Now, I just spent 13.00 for a recalled item.. How nice....

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Larry : Bring the unit back to the store with your reciept and demand a reimbursement . If not call your local better business bureau . Then fill up your car with fuel and head to the Echo Dealer , you will not be disappointed with the Echo Product Line !

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Ewalk, I am beginning to think there is something wrong with my "Feeler". I ordered Mantis tiller and it was delivered last Thur.. I ran it a while and felt of the gear box, it was hot also. I called Mantis and was told that was normal. I bought a Poulan Pro tilling attachment last year that fits on the shaft of a line trimmer. The gear box on the tiller head got hot and stripped after about 3 hours of use. I took it back and got another one and just gave it to my son because it was too hard to use. My son likes it and is still using it.

I have a 6.5 hp Poulan Pro tiller and a 7 hp Troy bilt horse and I can run the crap out of them and they dont get hot. The Poulan Pro is easier to use than the Mantis or Troy Bilt, and burns less fuel.

I am getting to the age where I need a lot of "easy".


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I just came in from using my 14 year old Echo trimmer...

The "gear head" was hot!!!!!

What a piece of crap!!!!!!!!!!

Those Stihl trimmers must be crap too!!!!!!!

To do that much work..... And they get HOT!!!!!!!!

Boy, those nice big tillers must be real good, cause they don't get hot!!!!!!!!

Is it me, or has this forum gone totally to hades?

Ewalk, you still here spreading chit?

It is a shame, this used to be a great forum.....


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Fish , why don't you go crawl back under your rock , this forum has never been better since you and your pantyhose left !

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This forum is "DEAD" because of MORONS like you that
pollute it. No one calls you an idiot, because no one
seriously reads these posts, because it has been ruined by juvenile morons like you, so no one challenges you,
because why?

Why try to defend a dead forum???????

It is a shame, when Spike ran this, it was the hottest forum around.....

Now, it is totally worthless, because of posters like you.


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Only thing worthless is your opinion ! Run back to your Big Fish in a Small Pond Forum , because no one here wishs to hear your dribble and Sour Grapes over your Boat Anchor Stihl 290 Dude. Reading your past posts is like watching paint dry , talk about adolescent ranting , if someone has a concern over a power head percieve overly hot and within warrantee so be it . Give it a rest or better yet the rest of us ...please !

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masiman(z7 VA)

You are really wrong on this ewalk.

Some people get Fish's style, others don't. Me, I like it. There is always truth in his statements that he can back up. Not sales lit, not folk lore...plain cold facts.

If you want this forum to be a watered down Cliff Claven rare fact fest, keep your posts how they are. Cause that is the type of poster that is being attracted.

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Ok Mas you are usually rather to the point and in my opinion middle of the road . I assume you are referring to
the Stihl ignition (micro processor)fuel management system upgrades within the former MS-290 to the newer MS260 and 280 ? Whats facts are you wishing to pursue other than the dribble both you and Fish insist on that the 270 / 280 /290 are carbon copies of one another other than cc. increase . Thats Hog wash , the 260 and 280 will cut circles around the 270 and 290 boat anchors and I really doubt either you or fish have any more chainsaw experience then I or my associates who have sold Stihl and Husky for over 30 yrs . But I think we digress , the point of fishs malicous post was only to stir up chit . He has not been active on the site for over 5 yrs and his response to the new member was not called for . Why post snide remarks about the member for complaining of a trimmer head becoming hot ? Warm after a hours trimming is normal , hot IS NOT NORMAL especially on a new unit . I don't know were fish got his reference on a 14 yr old Echo Product ? Sarcasum most likely , anyhow I have seen his posts within the Arborist Site and he is anything but an expert within Chainsaw knowledge . SO sorry if you dislike some of my information , but my reponses are not for your needs or acceptance . You are however correct I don't accept fish's Style as productive .

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Ewalk, just "your" disinformation needs to be "scrutinized"
mainly your knowledge of the ms 290/310/390 and the ms 270/280, and of course the ms260, each group "vastly"
different, and a poster that does not recognize that,
should not be "spouting" any "special Stihl knowledge"


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Sorry Dude , but you opened this can of worms , this is ALL ABOUT YOU FISH . SO go ahead and explain to Slowpoke and Dontknow why their contributions in YOUR WORDS are Crap and explain further your disinformation as to 14 yr old Echo . No scrutinizing of my Stihl Knowledge required I own a MS260 and 361 . Have worked on numerous Stihl 290 and 310 Boat anchors . Have friends who are Stihl Dealers and therefore have a little more working knowledge on what Models are worth their weight in $$ . Will not hold my breath on your reappearance next week to explain your lack of consideration of fellow posters .

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dontknow(z6 - Upstate NY)

I stand by my statement.

My Stihl FS56 is a piece of garbage.

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Yes, the new fs56 may very well be garbage, I don't know.

As far as other things, I know full well.

A gear head that gets hot after use is normal, morons that say take it back for warranty replacement without any info,
well they are normal too. or their money back, and "RUN"
to an "ECHO" dealer.
With any luck, ewalk will graduate into middle school.

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