Homelite Pro 4618C-Gasoline damage

carvinjohnMay 30, 2010

I have a Homelite Pro 4618C, Model UT10518/SN ATL0520323. I stored it too long with gas in it. After our March 13 storm it started, but revved WAY up-the blade was spinning almost all out, and the idle adujuster wasn't touching. We messed with the low jet, but never got it right. The factory suggested turning it in and backing it our 1 3/4 turns. That didn't help.

I took it to a shop and the guy told we it was because I stored it with fuel in it-the alcohol destroyed something, but I forget what it was. He said it was causing too much air in the mixture. He also said the labor to install the part was more than the cost of the saw. Since my time is cheap, does anyone know what part he's talking about?

( I saw the post from ewalk on 3-22-10 and it sounds like the same problem. Aslo sounds like the same storm.) Thanks for any advice, John

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Can't believe a carb. rebuild would be more than the cost of the saw? Get the numbers off the carb. go to a small engine repair shop or shop online for a carb. kit. Now since you have time and hopefully some basic knowledge of how to remove, disassemble, clean, install new kit parts, reassemble, and install it back on the saw. If not you might gain some idea of how to do it by goggling zama.com (mostly it's got a zama carb. on it) they provide instructions on how to clean and rekit there carb.

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Thanks for the followup. He said it was the labor that was the killer-it's $89/hour shoptime here. I pulled the carb and I'll be looking into Jack's-they've been really good in the past for parts. I'll also look into Zama. And yes, I can rebuild carbs-I'm old enough that that's what we used to do. And points and condensers. Kids now don't even know what a carb is. There's a lot I can't do anymore since everything seems to be computerized. Thanks again, carvinjohn@lycos.com

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As long as you've got it apart, might as well replace the fuel lines.
If you get it fixed, be sure that in the future you use Stabil in the fuel mix every time, all the time.
I imagine that the shop didn't want to bother with it in the first place. Probably half the time these new cheapies don't run right even after they are "fixed".

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