Key Start Gas Weed Eater

daylilylaura_2008May 18, 2008

Is there such a thing as a key start, gas weed eater? I'm not a wimp, but I just can't pull cords and get those things to start. Does anyone know of a brand for this? I guess my next option is an easy-start one, recommendations welcome. It has to be gas, not electric, too much territory to cover. I have a lot of areas that are unreachable with a mower but need cutting regularly. Thanks much.

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I seen a homelite model about 12 years ago. But, haven't seen any since.

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I saw one at Home depot on the endcap this weekend.
It is pretty heavy though...

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I would have to say that the solution to your problem is not to find an electric start trimmer. I have always found that if a person is strong enough to pick one up, they are more than strong enough to pull start the machine providing it is in good working order and well maintained. I say start fresh with a good quality new machine, and keep the servicing up to date and you will have no problem. Good luck.

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I should have added with my first response but i have an echo trimmer where you can pull the cord as slow as u want. As you pull it winds up a spring or something and when the pull cord reaches a certain tension, the spring kicks in and then spins the motor.

If echo still sells this, maybe you might look for this feature. It makes the trimmer lighter than what i saw at the store.

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If you aren't apposed to Craftsman, they have what is called Sim-pull. Essentially the same as the 0utsider has on his echo. Several other manufacturers have this also. It makes it unbelievably easy to start your trimmer or other 2 cycle engine. You don't have to yank the cord, just pull it and it does the work for you.

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Tanaka made an electric start gas powered trimmer.

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The Ryobi electric start at Home Depot weighs 15 lbs without battery, compared to an Echo lightweight at about 10 lbs. While I suppose most of the added weight is at the top of the electric start and easier to handle, the 15# plus battery would get difficult near the end of your journey. Echo's GT-200i advertised at about 10 lbs and 75% easier to start. Stihl's trimmers show two-finger start and are about the same weight.

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