Unusual hoe: ID?

blueberrier1May 8, 2010

Years ago my Dad bought a farm sale 5' hoe with a 12" long blade mounted at its midpoint perpendicular to the handle. One blade tip is 2" wide, the other 1.5" wide. The 12" long 'blade' has a center hole that fits over the hoe end tip similar to the way a pickax fits. When the hoe is stood upside down, it appears to be an uppercase "T."

No labels remain. The metal does not appear handforged. This is my favorite hoe. It fits easily between all plants and weeding is a breeze with either a pushing or pulling action.

Looked through several hundred hoe images, and could not find this. Several folks want this cloned-so anyone's info is welcome.

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canguy(British Columbia)

A picture would help.

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Blueberrier -

Sounds like some sort of collinear hoe. I included a link to one sold by Johnny's

Here is a link that might be useful: Johnny's collinear hoe

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Sounds more like a light-weight mattock of some kind. There is a tremendous variety of "eye hoes" out there.

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If this is what you are describing, they were sold in every general store and hardware store as garden hoes 50 years ago. use to have 3 or 4 of them. Rarely ever use one anymore. Several companies made them including True Temper.

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farmerdilla, your picture is great! My hoe blade is attached as your pictured hoe; however, mine has blades that are thinner/lighter weight. I do have the collinear hoe (E. Coleman's), but it does not outshine this OLD hoe in efficiency.

Am hoping to acquire 'picture' skills soon.

farmerdilla, your crops are amazing!

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