What have you composted lately? April, 2014

batyabethApril 7, 2014

Ok, I'll jump...........

Cleaning out the fridge for Passover: moldy tomato sauce, moldy tomatoes, bad beans, nasty parsley, who knew that was all in there?
peanut skins form 2 kilos of roasted peanuts
old dry leaves
dry weeds w/out seedheads

Your turn.................

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A cottontail rabbit. (found dead in the swimming pool)

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I've had some meat in the compost pile by accident, but I can't imagine actually throwing in a small animal. I don't mind the maggots (they do look interesting all wriggling around together) and such but I feel like there are enough flies already, I don't need to actually encourage more!

I composted some of those seaweed snack sheets. It was a few days over the expiration. I may still have eaten it but it really did taste differently, so I thought -- everyone keeps talking about seaweed emulsions for the garden so I'll take this chance to put the seaweed snacks onto the compost pile.

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I have a large creek that runs next to my backyard. It gets clogged with water hyacinth. I had a truckload of bagged leaves scavenged from my neighbors last fall.
Drug out a whole bunch of the water hyacinth and mixed it with the leaves. Now I've got three big piles of future compost waiting to rot.....and a real sore back!

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