Mantis tiller problems

kwahl1May 11, 2011

Mantis Tiller Carb problem


Got a 4 year old Mantis. Got the c1u-k54a zama carb in it. It will start and run for 5-10 second and die. Choke pull, un choke pull and it starts again for 5-10 seconds. It won't stay running. I replaced the gasket and diaphrams and have reinspected it three times, still no luck keeping it running. I replaced the brittle fuel line. It's getting fuel so the filter is ok. When I'm running it for those 5-10 second rounds, I can choke it/un choke it and keep it running. But the choke lever is not the throttle. This carb is so simple, what could it possible be? Help me please. It'll probably be cheaper to buy a $60 carb rather than take it in!!!

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Is the tank pressurized while running? How about a loose fitting of the tank bushing?

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This carb is so simple? yep as long as you can replace the welch plug after you clean the low, mid, and full throttle jets. My guess would be the carb. plugged up, not adjusted correctly, or diaphramn installed backwards?.

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