How to take care of my palm?Is in danger

nanowattMay 3, 2014

So i bought this Areca Palm about 3 months or so and since then it grown a lot but i have problems with it.It look very healthy and it haves a lot of new leaves coming out but something is wrong.I was exposed to bright indirect sun and now most of leaves have small brown tips so now is in a place with more shade.Some told me that it needs more humidity so i started to spray him every 2 days and now is growing even faster but they start turning yellow not all leaves just some.Help please i need to know if i do something wrong
I water it about 2 times a week.

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Looks pretty healthy to me.

Brown leaf tips can be a sign of low humidity, but also could relate to other culture problems. Having older leaves turning yellow from time to time is normal.

Frequency of watering per week is not a good measure of sufficiency (or overwatering). Make sure the pot isn't sitting in water and that the soil a few inches down isn't staying soggy between waterings. Too much water or fertilizer or too small a pot could be a problem. These palms like at least a bright location, preferably at least a few hours of sun a day (moving them suddenly into full sun could cause leaf burning).

Good luck.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

you might also want to chime in the the houseplant forum .. and the palm forums ... if there is one ...

is that a very new leaf.. if so.. you might be over-watering ...

and the media in the pot behind.. looks awful peaty ... which further retains a lot of water ...

we dont do palms in MI ... but i see them in sand country ... and a peat media is just about the polar opposite of sand ...

so i suggest you look to your media also ...


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