Bought first Stihl fs45 trimmer

dinosaur1(5)May 24, 2011

Went to my local hardware store. What I thought was cool. They don't sell it you in a box. They have the actual trimmer on the show floor. Once your ready to buy they take it down, fill it up with gas, test it out with you and then sell it to you. How cool.

I also bought a small package of .080 Stihl line. The question I had this the best line to stick with for the best performance or will any .080 work fine? Also the guy told me even if I use it a lot I should put fuel stabilizer in the tank? Is this true?

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All Stihl dealers that I'm aware of are like that. Good people in my experience.

The .080 is good, Stihl also has a line that's .095 or something with "cutouts" or every 90 degrees so it'll fit through the .080 holes in the head, seems to last longer-less breakage.

He said it "bass-ackwards" if you don't use it much, use fuel stabilizer. Stihl two cycle has fuel stabilizer in it already? I've gone to synthetic two cycle oil, less smoke, stink, and runs fine.

Do a search on gas issues here and you'll get an education on the "mystery fuel" we currently buy at the pumps. I'm assuming that Stihl still recomends using not regular, but the next grade up gasoline? Don't forget that. While doing the search, notice the different types of fuel stabilizer/cleaner/conditioners folks here use. I'm not kidding about mystery fuel.

Even with fuel stabilizer, if you don't use the trimmer much, consider draining the tank and running it dry in between.

I have a fs-45 which is about to have it's 10th birthday, think I've replaced the plug once-great machine.



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Hello Dino - congrats on your new machine - I think you made a good choice.

In my opinion, a good fuel stabilizer is cheap insurance; it will help counteract the bad side of ethanol, which is now added to virtually all our gasoline. It also helps keep the carburetor clean. I use the Stabil Marine grade (it's green - or maybe blue - I'm colorblind), and I use all the time in my small engines. Keep in mind that when the dealer said to add it to the tank, I'm sure that he meant to add it to the gasoline in the can and add the treated gasoline to the tank.

Many 2-cycle oils already have a fuel stabilizer, so you need to check - if it's in the oil you buy, you won't need to add another stabilizer.

Exmar's comments are well-taken: many 2-cycle engines call for a higher octane gasoline; also, I prefer the synthetic oil. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's recommendations on fuel, oil, and preventative maintenance.

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Is it wise to stick w/ Stihl line vs let's say Craftsman? Is it also a good idea to put stabilizer in the tank during winter storage when emptying the gas?

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We're into the "opinions" area, but here's mine: Yes, I would ALWAYS take a Stihl (or an Echo) over a Craftsman; Yes, I think it's important to use fuel stabilizer - even putting it away for the winter, I suggest running it completely out of stabilized gasoline before storing it.

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I was referring to the line for the trimmer.
Not the trimmer itself.

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