Lots of questions, maintenance ,freeze damage, etc

owataqtApril 14, 2012

Hi all

Well it's a new rose season for me. last year I didn't really do what I did the year before. The year before I sprayed ( with what I don't remember- hence one of my questions) gave bone meal, fish emulsion, spray n grow on the leaves periodically) gorgeous..spring and summer roses.

This past year- I started my backyard urban farming- chickens, peacocks, mini pig, goats) and they had the run of my land and hung on mh back patio and helped themselves to every plant, every pillow on my outdoor furniture, every thing you turned you back on especially my baby goats.

This year I told my dh- no one is free ranging past their little pastured-gated areas. Not until end of summer. Yes I feel guilty because my Nigerian mini goats are like dogs if they didn't eat my rose bushes down they love to just lay on my patio and their a real joy.

So here's the questions I have- several rose bushes were planted 2 seasons ago- one planted 5 years ago and a couple last summer.

1. What again should I be spraying them with on a regular basis- yes I get leaves with black spots during mid summer

2. Should I be watering them now? Strange weather here- no rain this season

3. My rose bush that's about 5 years old can kick out some amazing repeat flowers- have no clue what she is- pink- yesterday I noticed strangely enough some of the leaves look dried up and dieing , like dried up curly wilt, almost like crunchy. Is this possibly freeze damage?, does the whole plant begin to die or just those branches? And what damage

Should I just pull off those leaves, today their was more, or cut the branches that have those leaves on it? What does freeze damage look like? Does anyone have photos they could share with me on rose bushes with freeze damage and explain what should I do?

Let's see- I know I will have more questions for all you awesome peeps..as you all helped me pick out my roses for my backyard.

Iam excited to see what this rose season 3rd season for most of my roses do

Oh sorry 4. My rose bushes have really tiny tiny buds on them and some with none. I just don't remember them having such tiny buds on them when they did get buds? Is this do to lack of fertilizing and feeding?

What do u suggest this season I feed my roses and how often ?

Happy rose growing..


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seil zone 6b MI

Lol, you are quite the lady farmer, Carol! Sounds hectic and fun!

To spray for black spot get some Bayer Disease Control. Be careful to read the label and do not get any of the Bayer products that say 2 in 1 or 3 in 1. You just want the plain disease control for black spot. Then read the label and follow the directions carefully and you should be fine.

Yes, start watering! Once they're green and leafing out they need about an inch of rain a week and if you're not getting any rain then you need to water. If you want to know how much an inch of water is put an empty tuna fish can down on the ground among the roses and run the sprinkler until it's full.

Yes, if you've had any frosts or freezes those crunchy leaves are probably damage from it. I have some on mine too. I have just left them on. Eventually they'll probably drop on their own when new leaves push out from those canes. Unless the canes look yellowed, black or withered up then it's probably only those leaves that have been affected and not the canes.

The buds could be small for any number of reasons but most likely, again, from the cold weather. A lot of my roses jumped out really quick in March when we had that really warm spell. Then April came along and really cooled things down fast and my roses just stopped growing and have been in a sort of holding pattern waiting for some more warm weather. I have lots of buds out there that haven't grown a millimeter in weeks. Once things warm back up they should put on some more growth more quickly for you.

Yes, feed them. I usually start out in the early spring with a good granular slow release fertilizer scratched into the soil around the drip line of the rose. After that I'll start using water soluble foliar fertilizers about every 2 weeks. Any kind will do. I've used Miracle Grow, Spray n Grow, Peters and any number of others and they all work fine. I usually get which ever one Home Depot or Lowes has on sale the week I need to buy more. There are a lot of other organic things you can also add to your feedings like fish emulsion or alfalfa but that's up to you and while helpful are not mandatory.

I hope I answered all your questions and I hope my answers were clear and helpful. I'm sure others will have more suggestions too. But most of all, please, do not stress over your roses. They're very tough AND forgiving and not nearly as hard to grow as "they" make them out to be. Remember to take time to just ENJOY your roses!

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Seil..you rock..yes that explanation of yours was extremely informative and detailed to my needs. Ty so truly very much

Can't wait for these many many many little buds to get bigger. This is why Iam so excited..in certain areas their are so many..if they get big and burst all at once it's going to be amazing..

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