Ride on lawn mower

Jatz123April 26, 2013

I recently bought a second hand White LT-12 ride on (12.5 hp Briggs and Stratton I/C motor). It worked fine until we ran over a small bush (hidden in the long grass). The engine stalled.

It started up again easy enough, but couldn't get it into gear so turned it off. After that it wouldn't even turn over.

There's either just a clicking sound from the ignition unit when we turn the ignition or sometimes a whiring sound from the unit that all the safety shut of wires (ie seat, cutting deck etc) run into.

I checked the blades, spindle etc and all looks fine. The original battery was a bit old so I replaced that too. Still no luck. Also tried to jump start from the car without success.

All help is most appreciated

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Did you replace the starter solenoid? Try cleaning the spots where the negative cable attaches to the frame of the machine. Did you connect the negative post cable to the frame, or make sure there is no rust on that end. Did you connect the battery, negative (-) to the cable that grounds on the frame, and the (+) cable to the solenoid terminal. Try using jumper cables from a car battery, connecting the ground cable to the engine block of the tractor, and the other cable to the tractor starter post, thence the other end to the car battery. It should crank.
I have had to replace the starter solenoid on some tractors. They get a lot of use, with the frequent starting and stopping. (Thanks to the safety guru's!)

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Thanks rustyj14. I checked the connections were tight but did not clean them. I'll give that a go and check the solenoid. thanks.

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