Foundation for shed

VanuckJune 14, 2014

Hi all,

I'm planning on building a shed in my backyard in the next couple weeks. A friend of mine recommended having a concrete foundation. However, it is pretty costly (almost $370 for 23 cubic feet)

Is it easy to mix my own concrete, or are there any options that are cheaper?

Thanks in advance

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There are some options. I feel the area of your floor will question the other options. Such as a 10âÂÂX10â or 10âÂÂX12â or others sizes can easily be constructed with treated 2X and flooring on concrete blocks or treated 4X beams. A good floor can be expensive and work in any case (including metal).

I have poured too much concerts but I appreciate the advantages when needed (with good steel and finished properly).

Other Options we have are towing You-Cart-It by the yard, renting a mixer or mixing sand and gravel mix with Portland cement. Concrete is work IMO compared to treated wood

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Concur with Loger. Also have done a lot of concrete work and at this point in my life, I hire someone to do it.

What kind of shed are you building and size? What do you intend storing there? e.g. The concrete floor in my barn has to stand up to Ag tractors and occasionally a dozer being parked in there. A back yard shed may see a 500 lb. LT/GT and other odds and ends.

Personally, for a "shed" I'd be looking at 3/4" or 1" plywood, pressure treated or not, depending. Especially if you're "carpentering" it up yourself, easy enough to incorporate the floor and subfloor into your plan.

I do like "solon" tubes (round reinforced cardboard tube inserted into a post hole and filled with concrete with upright inserted and plumb) for this type of project. Also use Pressure treated wood where it's in contact with the ground.

A lot of pole barns in this area have gravel floors, very forgiving for equiptment storage. Hard packed dirt also works well if $$ are an issue.

Good luck,


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