Help with Troy Bilt tiller identification

golden-vocalJune 24, 2010

I'm wondering if someone can tell me the model, etc, of our trusty old Troy Bilt tiller, so I can order the correct belt and clutch spring.

I think I once saw one that looked the same in the literature as a "Professional" model. 8 hp Kohler, with bumper-cage around the front - electric start - 2 speed.

The serial number is difficult at best to read, but I think

7709 61 The second 7 MAY be a 2, but I don't think so, and the last numeral is dang near a wild guess, as only the bottom half seems stamped.

Anyway, any help much appreciated!


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Does it have a lever on the left for the PTO?

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Yes, PTO in/out is a little slider lever on the left side of the transmission. Has double belt pulleys for 2 different speeds, besides the trans 2 speed.
the Kohler is a blocky looking thing, fuel tank squarish-built-in on left side, air cleaner blockish on the right - much different looking than most engines I see on Troy Bilts...

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It's the same model as mine. It was introduced in the early 80s. Mine is '83. It was a PTO Horse model and that's about all you have to know for parts. In '83, they offered the 6HP cast iron Tecumseh, which I have, and a 7HP Kohler, and an 8HP Briggs.

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