Weed trimmer recommendation, please (gas-powered)

uvascanyon(8A)June 1, 2010

I've had my second and last Ryobi just fail on me, and that's it... I've read / heard enough to want something different, and can use some help in deciding.

I'd prefer:

reliability (most important)

straight shaft

25+ cc

possibly / ideally, 4 cycle

clockwise rotation (as seen from above, while using)

can accept attachments, namely a blower

not overly heavy

Given the above, what should I consider?

Thanks so much for your input.

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I cannot help but add to this, I have had it with my ryobi as well. I work up a sweat just getting it started (15 pulls--come on!)

I am looking at the Stihl Kombi system. If you want 4 stroke, those Hondas are real nice.

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Stihl 4Mix is 4 stroke, only difference is it use oil mix and don't have separate oil sump. It is very similiar to Shindaiwa C4 engine.

For 25cc, you can look at the Husqvarna 324L that use the Honda GX25 engine. It is lighter than the Honda HHT25S. Or you can look at the Shindaiwa T2510 C4 trimmer. I would bet on these two over Stihl on reliability.

Honda engine got to be the smoothest and quietest of all of them. It uses separate oil. Shindaiwa has the best head bar none. If you buy the Honda or Husky, do buy the Shindaiwa SpeedFeed head to replace the original head.

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Do you use fresh gas less than two months old. Do you use Stabil in gas? If no, you have a problem. If you don't keep your gas fresh, all trimmer break down no matter what brand.

I talked to people using Ryobi for commercial use. They actually get 500 or so hours out of each. So don't be too fast to blame on the Ryobi. Gas engine need to have certain maintenance, not like electric engine that you can use 5 minutes and hang it up for 2 months and use another 5 minutes and expect it to stay alive!!!

If you say no to my question and if your Ryobi can still start. I suggest you get a can of SeaFoam, put 2 oz into a gallon and run a tankful or two before you give up on it.

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I've had good luck with Ryobi's people gave me because they quit running.
Would clean with USC, sometimes have to install new metering diaphragm, new fuel lines, prime, always start in 3 pulls.

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stinkytiger(z5 - z6)


I have a Honda HST31 trimmer and am now on my 5th season. Very reliable, 4 stroke. I do use Stabli in all my petrol. I use stabil mainly because it is easy to get hold of at the local Home Depot.

The new Honda now has a bigger engine at 35 cc's, HST 35. There is also a 25 cc version. The larger trimmers can take a thicker line. I use 0.105 inch tick line and it helps on some of the thicker weeds I have around my place. Sadly no lawn, mostly weeds!!!!

The Honda is more expensive about 2x a home depot machine in some cases. I think it is worth it because it works well and lasts a long time.

Best, Mike.

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I have the Honda 31cc bike handle. It is nice, smooth and quiet. It is just too heavy. For the best of both worlds, get the Husqvarna 324L. This is with Honda GX25 25cc engine like the Honda HHT25S. It is lighter and Husky has good reputation.

But I agree, Ryobi is not necessary bad. I have and still have the 4 cycle 25cc Troybilt trimmer which is the exact same as the Ryobi 4 cycle. I beat the hack out of it and it survived. I don't like the head but it work.

Maintenance is the most important. You don't want to deal with the Stabil and all, get the electric. They die just the same, expensive or cheap if not taken care of.

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I have two fairly new 26ss Homelite Mighty Weed Trimmers. Both have less then two (2) hours of running time on them. On one the pull string wont return, it wonÂt start the engine. I tried rewinding the spring and the string at least 8 times and I still canÂt get this thing to work right. I am an automotive machinist of over 40 years I work with the smallest to the largest engines all day. I had several other Top Machinists in the shop take a look at it as well. The string wont return back to its original position after a load is applied to the engine. After the second pull it jams again. The only other option I can think of is to replace the starter pulley. But the trimmer is new right????? I paid $120.00 for the thing new, and spent about $400.00 in time trying to fix it. The other trimmer the muffler fell off after the third (3) usage

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Papa: Again Your Original Post has my Answer Duplication of Threads is a No..No !

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To papasweet
That is the problem of buying the cheap trimmer. They are all half crank....crankshaft not supported at both ends. The design itself is not necessary inferior, BUT because of this, the pull start has to be at the front of the engine with the flywheel etc. If that even break down, you have to remove a lot of things to replace it. Since you are experience and have access to a lot of tools, replace it. But if it is under warranty, find out where is the service center and bring it in for repair. Or if you got it from Home Depot etc. YOu have 30 days to return it.

But if I were to buy another one, the important thing is to buy one with full crank where the starter is at the back of the engine. Changing that is only 4 screws, 2 minutes job if you are slow!!!!

Don't have anything better to offer.

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