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captain_trippsJune 29, 2009

We've gotten back into gardening after many years. Long ago we had a Troy Bilt horse model, which we now regret selling. This year's garden we put in with a used Craftsman rear tine tiller, whose transmission hopelessly siezed just minutes after completing our garden plot. The repair effort turned into a failure autopsy, and I now conclude the pressed sheet metal chain drive transmissions of the Craftsman type and its clones are basically non-repairable after a major failure.

So I'm looking for something with a gear type transmission like a Troy Bilt Pony. I saw that Home Depot is selling a Yard Machines 21AA40M1029 model with gear drive for $650. Looking at it I see what appears to be the petite gear drive transmission of a TroyBilt Bronco model. (apparently MTD borrowed this from the Troy Bilt line since they make both) Does anybody have any experience with one of these (good or bad)? It's a good looking machine but there are a few things that bug me. 1)no protective guards over the tine shaft seals, 2)flimsy looking sheet metal tine blades, and 3) the dainty looking transmission (compared to the Pony model). Will one of these stand up to years of use, or should I be spending the $400 more for a Pony model? We don't have a real big garden (1200 sg ft) right now, but we're having so much fun growing and eating the fresh organic produce, I got the feeling its going to be expanding!

Thanks for any experience or advice you can offer.

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You may not be happy with anything other than troybilt. The pony would be a good size for what you are looking to do.


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I was hoping somebody on the forum had some experience with the TB Pony or other similar rear tine tiller. After looking at a lot of used machines, most have been beaten like the proverbial rented mule. I'm spending too much time and gas in the quest and I'm at the point of biting the bullet and going for a new one I guess. Other users opinions and experience are very helpful on the decision, since I will have no chance to try it out first.

Thanks much!

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