Ryobi S clutches

rosemallow(z7 Md)June 10, 2013

Does anyone know anything about these so called S clutches?
I understand they are a centrifugal clutch, but do they require any adjustments or inspections or special handling.
I see instructions for removal, but not for installation.
Anyway I took one apart and the drum was worn. Like on the old brake drums it was hard to remove. The plates got a little bent.
I can install a new drum, but do I need to replace the plates and it seems I will need to re bend them?
Also I see they used to use the centrifugal clutches with shoes. Why did they stop.

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This is a good article on removing the clutch at the address above (related to many two cycles). I felt it would have reversed into replacing âÂÂJust As EasyâÂÂ, with some torque values included.

Be Careful! I learned the hard way w/o enough torque on a chainsawâÂÂs clutch. By my feel I had plenty torque on the installed clutch. When I killed the engine the clutch and etc flew off (running it tightens itself). Checking for oiling I had the side cover and bar off but instincts had me holding it away from my body (as the parts flew all over the garage.

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rosemallow(z7 Md)

Thanks for the reply.
And yes I saw that video.
They need one for putting it back together.
I understand centrifugal clutches, but this S clutch is a weirdo.
I would like to see a video for installing one of these and making adjustments like bending etc.

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