Lady of Shalott in heat?

kathy9norcalApril 22, 2014

Well, I really didn't mean it THAT way. Does anyone grow this rose in a hot area? How are the blooms in the heat of summer? Do they blow fast or do they become undersized? Just wondering as a local nursery has a bunch of them and I love orange roses. I also understand it is a climber or it can be. I also saw a photo on line that had it growing in a large planter.

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the_bustopher z6 MO

For me, Lady of Shalott loses some size and color intensity in the heat of summer, but it is not objectionable to the extent that other roses exhibit. It does not quit blooming either. Of the four orange Austins that I have, Lady of Shalott is overall the best of the lot. It appears to be a sturdy plant. I just pruned it today, and it seemed to manage our cold, but quite dry, winter better than a lot of other roses. I'm not sure how it would do in California, but I would imagine that this one would get even larger there than it can here.

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

Being in bustopher's general region, I can testify to a similar experience with Lady of Shalott.

In heat? Really, now! She doesn't do that in the Midwest, does she bustopher! LOL.

And don't forget what happens to Tennyson's poor Lady of Shalott when she sees the handsome Lancelot and goes into heat. Next thing you know, she is floating down the river to Camelot in her hearse/boat!

Beware the heat! Is all I got to say.

Kate : )

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Thanks, both of you, for your responses. I am still on the fence but keep thinking of how close the nursery is and it still might be there . . . .

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Hey kathy, I too am considering Lady of Shallot and we seem to be neighbors. Which nursery did you see her at? Thanks!

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I have my Lady in a spot with some afternoon shade, and she keeps her color very well despite the heat. YMMV, but she's been good for me in the heat.

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