sticky primer bulb on Trimmer

pandoratim(3-4 (Southern Manitoba))June 16, 2010

I have a sticky primer bulb on my Poulan Pro 114 trimmer which makes it hard to get going. It starts about the tenth pull or so, and it needs to warm up with the choke full on, sputtering, etc., until it finally kicks in. It must be a fuel delivery problem I think. It was stored on the ground, that is, horizontally, full of gas last winter - okay I know, I just forgot - so I'd guess it's gunked up and needs a thorough cleaning. My question, has anyone tried adding an oz. or two of fuel stabilizer in an empty tank and letting it sit for a bit? I'm not against pulling it apart, but this time of year I'm pressed for time so if there is a quicker fix I'm all ears.

I have also heard that primer bulbs sometimes collapse because they've got a tear in them. Any pointers will be appreciated, and, thanks for posting, everyone.

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2 cycle mix is pretty forgiving. I leave mine in year after year. Not so with straight gas. I don't think the carb is gummed up from that.

Primer bulbs are usually very easy to replace. Try fresh fuel mix, and possibly a new plug.

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Depending on whether your garage is heated you may have clogged the Primer circuit within your Carburetor. Stabil will not effectively remove the residue within the circuit. I would suggest your pick up some concentrated carb cleaner and remove the primer / gas line and spray some into the circuit. Leave it over night and repeat the next day and perhaps use some compressed air or fine wire to clean out out the line / circuit . If the unit runs ok when warmed up with fresh gas mix and use some carb cleaner / fuel injection cleaner within the fuel for one tank just for good measure.If this does not resolve the issue you may well be req'd to replace the Primer Bulb .

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pandoratim(3-4 (Southern Manitoba))

hi baymee and ewalk.

thanks for your informative posts. My son in law and I pulled the carb apart last night. I'm always nervous about these things because I don't do them very often and the screws on trimmer carbs are TINY! But, he's a great kid and pulls stuff apart with confidence. What's the worst that could happen, is one of his favourite phrases. We pulled the carb out, took it apart, sprayed it with carb cleaner and blasted the openings with air. I did not think to spray carb cleaner into the fuel line. We put it back together and it's definitely better. The primer bulb is still slow to reinflate but it doesn't stay collapsed like it did. Started on the second pull. I may replace the bulb if I have to but for now it's working well enough. Thanks again for your thoughtful replies.

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The primer bulb might depend upon another fuel line to break the vacuum. Unless the bulb is very spongy from age.

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No Problem Tim , hows the weather out West , Been a real Dry Summer so far here in Ontario . Well the Best of luck and keep that Son in law online lol . Baymee is correct most primers have two lines , the secondary may be pinched or just clogged . If you have some cleaner left over put additional within the tank and run it through the fuel system once you have inspected the further ....T .

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pandoratim(3-4 (Southern Manitoba))

hi again ewalk. Sorry to be late getting back to you but I was away for the weekend. I can report that the trimmer is much improved. The bulb re-inflates much better now and she starts on the 2nd or 3rd pull. You're right about the gas lines, there are 2 attached to the bulb base.

Manitoba has been a bit soggy - not as bad as Saskatchewan or Alberta but soggy nonetheless. It's warm and muggy now, with scattered thunder showers every other day or so. Keeps the grass growing about a foot a week. Seems like I'm pulling out the mower every other day.



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