Replacement Blades for JD Freedom 42

ggaarryy(z5 NY)April 20, 2007

I have a John Deere LT166 with a Freedom 42 mulching deck. JD wants over $50 for a new set of blades!!! (The ones I have are too far gone to sharpen yet again.)

Does anyone know if I can put non-JD blades on it provided the spindle hole is the same size and the length is the same (of course)? I assume it won't cut as well with generic blades, but $50 is too steep for me.

If anyone has done this with blades from Home Depot or Lowes, I'd love to get some actual brand recommendations as well.

thanks much


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No no no. You must use the JD blade kit. For one they have a special center hole shape. Lawn mower blades are not a thing to cobble. For one, if you did get something to "fit" ,it wouldn't stay in time and likely do further damage. Then add a timing belt to the cost of the faux blades. Think of the safety of others around you.

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tekumcman(Upstate SC)


What's the John Deere part number for the blades?


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ggaarryy(z5 NY)

part number for the blade kit is AM130172

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tekumcman(Upstate SC)

Cannot find that JD number? Is there another number for
the blade that's NOT a blade kit number? What's the center
hole like? 7-point star or what? I'm searching aftermarket
information. Could be...ONLY DEERE...offers a blade for
this application? TomPlum...could be right.


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AM130172 is the Freedom42 Blade Kit (includes blades and hardware). It's ironic that it's called "Freedom". Not much freedom to buy a less expensive set yet if you don't find the right fit by another manufacturer. Hope you succeed!

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ggaarryy(z5 NY)

I can't find a number for each blade individually -- to say the JD parts website is not the most user friendly site I've seen is an understatement.

Anyway, the center hole (I'd guess diameter is appx 1/2-5/8")is round with notches extending horizontally along the length...sort of like this -o-

thanks much

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Freedom 42 blades are sold only as a set of two and with special locking bolts. Since the Freedom 42 is not as common as other decks, I doubt there are any aftermarket blades for them. $50.00 does sound a little high though. Did you price them at another dealer?

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ggaarryy(z5 NY)

Fifty sounds high? LOL...Online from JD they are $60!!!! (but I'm factoring in their coupon online for 20 percent off). I haven't actually checked my local dealer (closed on Sundays anyway) but I assumed they can't be that much cheaper than the JD list price.

They have literally doubled in price in 4 years.

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Hello, I have an LX277 with that same deck, the Freedom 42. I also have the same problem with paying $58.00 plus tax for 2 blades and 2 bolts. I was able to get the OEM part numbers off of the original blades. (very hard to read) They are M130718 (right) and M130719 (left). My JD dealer wants to sell me the AM103172 (Kit) because he says the blades are not available by the OEM numbers one at a time. $28.00 worth of blades for nearly $60.00? Hard to believe! Dana in Colorado.

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How do you find the left or right side of the mower? I can't find the L or R where it is supposed to be.

I need help

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Is this a serious question? While sitting in the operator's seat and facing the steering wheel, the right side of mower is on the same side as your right hand, the left side of mower is on the same side as your left hand.

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daytona500pacecar(SW Texas)

Yes, the Freedom42 Blade Kit is the only way to go. But come on, they are special blades for a very special mower deck that provides awesome results- and those blades are a very important part of that. I have had my Freedom42 deck for 6.5 years now and have just sharpened the blades for the 2nd time after about 300 hours of mowing (yes, I am very careful not to hit gravel or debris). When it comes time to replace them, I don't think $50-60 is really all that bad.

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I agree with daytona500pacecar, my first experience with the Freedom 42 deck is on a used LT160 that we recently bought. My wife uses it mostly and the section that she cuts looks much smoother and more even than the section I cut with a 54c deck. The difference was so noticeable that I sometimes hop on her mower after we're done and redo some of the areas that I cut with the 54c.

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Yep, John Deere cost more, the parts cost more, and the neighbors say, wow you are doing alright, mowing with a John Deere.
Pretty much the same as Hi dollar Motorcycles, Cars and the like.

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I wish I got a smooth cut from my JD. I have a JD LT 166 with a Freedom 42 that was serviced over the winter. I got new belts, new blades, new tires, etc.

The first time I mowed I got streaking down the middle of my mowing path. The guy who serviced my mower came out and adjusted the air pressure in my tires which I thought helped, but the next time I mowed, I still got the streaking, right down the middle.

I've read online what can cause streaking and the number one thing is dull blades. Well, these blades are supposedly new. I also do mow at full throttle and even if I mow slow, I get the streaking. Since this happened the very first time I mowed after it had been cleaned, I don't think it's a clogged mowing deck.

I don't know if anyone has any other ideas. I just wanted to check here before I go back to the guy who serviced it. He seemed to know what he was doing since he noticed that one of the blades had been put on backwards/upside down by the last person who serviced the tractor!

Another question. How do you clean your mower deck? Just run a hose under it?


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Freedoms cut best going straight, so try cutting back/forth as much as possible. You could also lower your cut height 1/4" so you are cutting a more rigid part of the grass. It might be blowing over and thus the problem. Sometimes Freedoms streak and it depends on grass conditions. If it cut good in years past, it will likly cut OK again in a few weeks.

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The unmown streak is probably caused by the blades being on the wrong spindles. There is a left & right(marked on the blades). These blades are counter-rotating & must be on the proper spindle. Another thing might be that your blades are out of time w/one another. They should be timed 90 degrees apart.

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The best way to clean your deck is with a leaf blower or compressed air. Water is not the best idea because it has the potential to rot belts and cause rust.

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