Stihl leaf blower br420

sbow1771June 19, 2014

Hi I've got a stihl br420 leaf blower it started yesterday it spluttered for a while and then cut out an I couldn't get it to start again it's getting plenty of fuel as it's flooding out of the spark plug.upon further inspection I have noticed that there is no spark I have checked the flywheel and it looks in good con apart from there was abit of rust on the two magnets which I have clean'd off with abit of sand paper an put it all back together an still no spark I have try'd changing the plug but still nothing the ignition looks in good con no marks on it to say it would have gone but wouldn't no how to test it any idears plz

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1. A. You could be missing seeing the spark in the daylight or not having it grounded good to metal in the on position. I suggest an inline spark tester from Harbor Freight or your local Auto store.
B. Do you feel you had the plug grounded good to metal (cylinder/Etc) and tried to see in it in a dark area vs daylight?
C. Know that you have a plug that fires in another engine for testing vs using.
D. With the plug out, a fair spin of the flywheel should show you a spark from a good grounded plug or the plugâÂÂs wire lead close to a good metal ground (if the connectorâÂÂs metal is exposed close to ground or use a short bolt if needed).

  1. Another Idea is to disable you on/off (unplug) to know it is not killing your spark.
    3. If you ever get past no spark, ck your air filter or remove it. Try with a light prime.
    4. Fire/Fuel/Compression and it should run.
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