husqvarna 455 rancher chain brake

bulldog1_2010June 28, 2010

Hi everyone, new to the forum, and need help with a chain brake on my chainsaw. I purchased a slightly used husqvarna 455 rancher, and wanted to give it a good cleaning before using it, and took the chain brake out of the saw, now I can't compress the spring enough to get it back where it belongs.I've never had a saw this big, or one with a chain brake so this is new territory for me. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance.

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masiman(z7 VA)

I have not worked on a Husky before but hopefully it is nearly the same as Stihl.

You must make sure the chain brake is disengaged before trying to reinstall. To disengage the brake you must pull the chain brake handle back (toward you) as you would when you are going to cut. Otherwise you leave the brake engaged which makes it difficult to put the brake on. Think of it like trying to change the brakes on your car. If you don't compress the brake piston you can't get the caliper assembly onto the rotor.

If the system is similar to Stihl, the spring will be stretched when the brake is disengaged. The spring will probably help braking by reducing the force necessary to engage the brake.

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To reset the spring just push the chain break all the way forward. Line the clutch cover over chainsaw, and push it in. That's it, instructional video below

Here is a link that might be useful: Resetting husqvarna chain brake

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Was the saw working before you disassembled it? Did you just remove the chain brake/clutch cover housing or did you disassemble the chain brake/clutch housing? I think we need to know what you actually did and if the saw was working before you cleaned it? I also think to release the chain brake you would pull the handle back to expand the band around the clutch drum. if you have the brake on the band would be smaller than the clutch drum and would not want to go over it.

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OK, I am chiming in here. If you engaged the break and removed the clutch cover, you won't be able to get it back on without resetting the chain break, I tried needle nose pliers, and it did not work. The only way I found to do this is to push the handle as FAR as you can forward, and install the clutch cover again without the bar and chain. Remember to hold the handle as far forward as you can during the clutch cover install. Once the clutch cover is on, pull back the handle to disengage the break. You will hear an audible snap when this happens. Then, take the clutch cover off again, put on the bar and chain, and you should be able to tighten the clutch cover down. Good luck!

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