Husqvarna 350 wont stay running

mikestillJune 9, 2013

Hello , I am stumped and need some help, maybe i missed something. I have a Husqvarna 350 chainsaw. and it will start and then bog down and then die when i give it throttle , it will also die after idle after about 1 minute. This is what i have done already. Saw is 14 years old, used about twice a year, maybe three

replaced with fresh fuel mixture
chain is movable and correct tension
brake is off
changed spark plug
changed fuel filter
removed and blew out air filter/ also ran tried without air filter
verified good spark
took out the rubber diaphragm on top of carp, took needle out and made sure nothing was clogging holes.

noted the rubber diaphragm was stiff/dry....

i was able to get saw to start, and then it died, i took the top off the area where the rubber diaphragm is and it was bone dry, no fuel. So it looks like the saw is being starved of fuel, makes sense now...... since i replaced the filter, and the fuel lines are good, is it possible its just the dried out rubber diaphragm?

Oh , and yes. i did make sure there was chain oil in the tank AND the inlet for chain oil is free and clear.....


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wertach zone 7-B SC

It most likely is just the dried out rubber diaphragm. It has to be flexible.

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Do you treat all fuel for use or storage with StaBil stabilizer or Etc. if you use ethanol fuel? Age, heat and etc. could have a lot to do with your diaphragmâÂÂs condition.

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