Are the Echo Trimmer's âTapered Idle Adjustment Screwâ a Stan

loger_gwJune 26, 2013

Are the Echo Trimmer's PE2000, HCA 2400, Etc âÂÂTapered Idle Adjustment Screwâ a Standard dia and thread? Or! Is this not a standard thread and they can be close but w/n exchange? One screw example is attached. Standard as standard metric or etc or I have some threads that appears they should mate but will not.


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It's probably a M4 X .70 or something close. Look on

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I attempted to match a metric tap with the idle screw hole. Not having any luck, I decided to use my surplus metric screws to see if one would fit. The first thing I saw was the carb part and idle screw in the attachment. How lucky Or Forgetful! LOL. I felt I had used that part and screw. Now I remember the part came off a non Echo with a thrown rod that I saved some parts and screws from.

The first and only rod case I have seen. After I c/n get the piece of rod off the crank I parted it quick vs wanting that challenge from that gift. The straight long stick was an ideal fit for the Echo PE 2000 motor.

The Heat Is Slowing My Fun. BUT! I did get a good load of Green Red Oak Tues from a major limb (50 yrs old) due to rot from poor trimming. I was so proud to leave the approx 12âÂÂ+ dia major limb and took the 8âÂÂ- 4â dia limbs cut off the major (to put the major on the ground). My body is teaching me.

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Loger most Trimmers have either Zama , Keihien or Walbro carbs so quite often metering screws are interchangeable.

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