Linkage problem--Mounting a 42" QC3 deck to a Craftsman LT2000

Joe53April 23, 2013

having trouble with this --- got a funky mechanical torsion linkage on this replacement deck I bought...

problem is...will it work on a mower that originally had a deck that used a standard cable/spring tensioner ?

the linkage looks screwy to me

attaching a pic!

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Since i have had a lengthy experience with Craftsman mower decks, as used on c-man tractors, Might i suggest that you either go buy a new tractor, or buy a used Craftsman lawn tractor, that the deck will fit!
By the time you finally get that deck to work on a tractor it was not designed for--you will not have any hair left, as you will have torn it all out, in your fits of desperation! The picture shows a mower deck that looks ok, with all of the operating rods and cable attachments.It looks like a Craftsman deck.
But-if your tractor is not the model the deck fits, your grass will have turned green then brown, many times. Take my advice--buy the make of tractor that fits the deck, or, save a lot of cussing, buy a new machine!
Rusty Jones, The Mower Man.

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grin....thks Rusty......for the honest feedback.....

I had someone tell me it would work as far as replacing the old tensioner style setup.....but I don't see how the cable and spring would hook up to that mishmash of rods,,,,,that pic I posted is not the deck I bought for 50 bucks....but its the same QC3 in 1 model......and I have all the rods...I think

Question is 3 in 1 what? 3 headaches in 1 deck? ha yeah I think that's what they meant

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Wow. That is an oldie. But yes, It will work. The idler in the right side of your pic needs to be remounted to the rear like your old deck on the idler cam bolt. The cable bracket installed on the back and long idler bolt must be installed in the LH idler. You may have to drill a hole for the return spring if the slot isn't under the deck. Most would use the 144959 belt. The idler cam and top plate are the same.

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