I Hate MICE!!!!

exmarJune 23, 2012

Hi Folks,

Usually have problems with field mice in the fall when the weather starts to turn and they try to move into the barn and engine cowlings, etc. for the winter. Put down appropriate "Dcon" or equivalent and take care of problem.

Tuesday I went out to the barn and noticed the kritters running around inside? They're supposed to be outside eating seeds and things now. OK. put down a couple of dcon feeders. Yesterday, went out and started one of the little tractors and saw "little aqua colored pellets" flying down and bouncing on the concrete floor. Yep, they had moved into the cowling AND carried the dcon into the nest.

Maybe the winter we didn't have last year prompted a field mice population explosion or something?


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I would invest in couple of female nuttered cats.

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RC, did that, well one, Wife adopted it and brought it inside.....:-) Guess keeping "rodenticide" out will be a year round thing now.


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I use clothes dryer sheets, available at any grocery store, or "five and dime". The critters hate the smell of them and stay away. RJ

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Moth balls.

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Thanks for the responses, Rusty, I don't have much luck with dryer sheets, smell goes away in a week or so and I don't remember to replace them.

"fruit" now that's an idea, moth balls tend to hold their scent a lot longer don't they. And "the boss" just mentioned she was going to pick up some to scatter in the garden to deter rabbits from eating the beans, so it all comes together.

Embarassing, I qualified rifle sharpshooter and pistol expert in the marines and I gotta watch bunnies hopping around the garden eating stuff..... However, "the one who must be obeyed" has said no "bunnycide" ..... :-)

Thanks again,


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Hi Folks,

Follow up to my last post. Just researched moth balls and they do work at repelling rodents, deer (I'd like to see anything that repels deer other than lead poisoning!), even snakes. They tend to get smaller over time, but as long as there's something there, they're effective.

Bad news is, their aroma is attractive (?) to small kids and household pets and if ingested are poisonous. So, no moth balls in the garden for bunnies as the dogs are my pals. However, putting them in something in the engine compartment which the dogs can't get to should work fine.


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txtom50(8a texas)

I put mothballs in old socks and clothes pinned them to tomato cages and other areas one year. As I recall, the smell went away in about a month.

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@txtom, did the mothball-in-sox seem to keep the critters away? How many sox are needed for 10 or 20 sq ft of garden?
@exmar, how are you keeping said critters out of your tractor?
I'll be trading my zone 11a for zone 7 in a couple of months, so I want to prevent rodents in the wiring, etc if I can.
Thanks for your replies!

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txtom50(8a texas)

As I recall, I put the mothballs out on my tomato cages to try and confuse the armadillos. Didn't work.

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My cat is tough and a hard worker... there's no mice messing inside my home since my little kitty arrives... that's a great investment for me... I have both a pet and a baby...

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Yes, kitties are good...AND they make wonderful pets.'
They'll snuggle up with you when the snow flies.
I've got two, and I dread the day that the vet
says: "They've got to be put down".

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