Poulan Chainsaw Choke Problem?

cadmanjwmJune 5, 2005

I've been using a Poulan Pro 260 for doing cleanup work without problems but yesterday after a brief shutdown for refueling and lunch I couldn't get the saw to start. The choke lever does not want to pull out and remain like it normally did. It "has become spring loaded". It has tension as I pull it back and upon release it snaps back into the case. This makes it a little tough to start without a choke. I removed the air cleaner cover to see the choke and throttle linkage but I don't have a clue as to what it should be like. I'm looking for a diagram for the linkage setup since it seems obvious something went amiss. Any help would be appreciated.

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gardeningpal(N Coast z5)

I have the same problem with the gas blower. The lever will not stay in place. My brother had the same problem with his blower. We both had the venting cover melt. It must be a defect in the product. We tried to get some assistance on repair and had little success with the company. I wouldn't buy another Poulan product.

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airbearma(z5 MA)

I would stay far away from Poulan if you are cutting up oak or maple. I bought a 295 Pro. On the 1st one, the oiler would not pump. I brought it back and got another. The oiler worked but the chain was fried after 8 cuts through the maple. I brought this back and bit the bullet on cost with a Husqvarna 455. The Husky is a real cutting machine. I cut up 4 cords of maple and oak and the chain is as sharp as when I bought it. The Husky is definitely made for heavy work.

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I have a different problem with my Poulon. The starter rope pulls very hard. After I have removed the spark plug, it pulls easy with no compression. Anyone have some suggestions on what to look for? Could it be a valve problem?

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I'm not sure about your saw but my Poulan 1800 Woodsman and my Jonsered 70E (Made by same company that makes Poulan and Husqvarna) is not spring loaded, all it should be is a lever that should flip the carb butterfly open and closed, so it should be a matter of just taking the carb cover off and making sure it is not jammed or there is nothing causing it to get jammed.As far as the problem with the hard starter pull, there is no valves on 2-stroke engines so that is excluded from the problem. I would take the starter pulley cover off and check the plastic pull string holder that holds the string, sometimes if that gets cracked it can cause it to stick.

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Come to think about it the USFS requires spark arrestors in the new chainsaw mufflers to prevent "sparks" from exiting the muffler, helping prevent forest fires. They look similar to a metal screen. The problem with this screen is that it often gets clogged by carbon build up, which would be why the saw would pull easy without the spark plug in but not with it in. Note: Spark Arrestors do not have to be installed on private property so removing it from the muffler will mostlikely solve your problem.

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Thanks for the kindly tips, still have the same problem. Even with the muffler off, it feels like there is too much compression when pulling on the starter rope. The rope retracts properly after each pull. When I pull on the rope there are no continued revs from the inertia of pulling, because of the high compression. Like I mentioned before, the only time it feels normal is with the spark plug removed. Thanks again.

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Starts now, had to replace fly wheel which threw the timing off. Still pulls harder than I remember, maybe I'm losing my strength and memory.

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have a poulan p3314 chainsaw. one year old. always been hard to start. did a complete tear down .cylinder and piston have vertical straches all the way around the piston and cylinder. is this normal are do i have a problem?

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sounds like the saw was ran lean or gas/oil mixture wrong ?

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Yup, sounds like it was run lean or with not enough oil. Most likely it was lean though. Same thing with the fella having a hard time pulling the cord. If it is tuned lean it will do that.

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yes, i have a poulan chainsaw that has sat over the winter an now i cannot get it to start. iv changed the spark plug an i took off the carb to see if maybe it could be clogged up. is there anything else i would have to do to get it running?

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Unit has been stored for the winter and now I am starting the blower for the fist time. The unit will run fairly good at 1/2 choke, but will either run slower or die when put in full run position. Spark plug is o.k.,air cleaner o.k. What could be my problem?

Lyle W. Royal

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