Might these be Nepeta seedlings?

aachenelf z5 MplsMay 4, 2014

These might be too small to ID, but I found the ground between a daylily, a mum and my Nepeta 'Blue Wonder' covered with these guys. There are lots more of them on the others sides of the Nepeta too. The odd thing is 'Blue Wonder' is suppose to be sterile.

I know they aren't daylily seedlings, I don't think they are mum seedlings, so could they be from the Nepeta? Are sterile plants sometimes not so sterile?

I really didn't have any weed problems last year, so I doubt it's some infestation from a weed.


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You can look up seedling photos at theseedsite.co.uk. It is a cool site. I think they are Nepeta seedlings. Or Monarda maybe. You have to be sure that the Nepeta that you have is actually the one you think it is. Sometimes things are sterile only if that is the only one that you have, or the only variety. Some of the sterile "seedless" trees are changing sex so that they are no longer seedless. Maybe something similar can happen with perennials, even though they aren't as long lived as trees. It would depend on how the "sterility" is achieved. They say you can't fool mother nature.....

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aachenelf z5 Mpls

That is one cool website! Thank you!

From the images posted there, they sure look like Nepeta. This is the only Nepeta I grow and I don't have any Monarda.

So I guess, not so sterile..... or the plant came mislabeled.


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I would save one somewhere to see what comes of it. Probably won't be as nice as the parent, but then you can know for sure.

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Rub a few between your fingers and see what they smell like. I guess i'm not 100% sure tiny seedlings already have a scent if they're Nepeta, but if they do, you'll have your ID!

I do this a lot when I'm unsure of new growth.

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Another option is to check the stems. If they're square, chances are they're nepeta--my Walkers Low plants have square stems, which places them in the mint family along with monarda.

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