MTD lawn tractor Brakes will not work

gpofd30April 15, 2009

I have a 2001? MTD model# 13BK608G062 that I recently just purchased, the brakes did not work, so I tried to adjust with the center hex nut, this did nothing to cure problem, so I ordered new brake assembly, and new brake puck (pad), I installed them (I am pretty sure correctly) and I still have no brake, when pedal is pushed the pads do not even look like they are trying to clamp the rotor. Is there any other parts to the assempbly that I am missing, or any other adjustment that is needed, I am very frustrated with this, any help would be appreciated. Thanks for any help!!

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Just a thought but here are some ideas for you to explore

1 - Is the pedal going down "all the way" or possibly is there something that is limiting its movement?

2 - Take a look for bent parts that might explain it.

Best of luck

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There is nothing hindering the movement from pedal to brake assembly, I even tried to adjust the adjustment nut all the way in (on the new brake assembly) and the wheel still spins freely. It seems to me like I am missing some part to the brake assembly itself, because I can not figure out how it clamps the pads to the rotor.

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There should be a "wave" washer in the brake assembly, plus 2 little round pins, a lever that attaches to the brake rod, and an L-shaped plate and nut that holds it all together. Also, a rectangular black brake shoe, that fits into the rectangular depression in the brake casting. If the shoe is worn down too far, the beake will not work very well, or if it is sticking--that too. The brake shoe can be shimmed in with a piece of material stuck in behind the shoe, if you didn't get a new shoe!
The shoe, wave washer, and pins are the main operating things that have to be right!
I have found, with my aging brain, that it is a good idea to make a drawing of how it all goes together, because i have been known to forget sometimes!

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Thank you so much for the advice, after looking further into this after the last post, I have found that both the old brake assembly and the brand new assembly were both missing the 2 pins, after driving around all over town,I was able to track down these pins and the brakes are working fine again. who would have ever thought that both were missing the same part, I guess that is what I get for assuming that just because it is new, doesn't mean it is right!!

Thanks again!

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