Installing hose menders

central_valley(9)June 21, 2011

I'm referring to the parts that are used when a hose end has to be cut off and replaced.

I've never been able to get them all the way in. The hose buckles before I can apply the amount of pressure required.

Has anyone figured out a way to make these things work?

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I assume you are using the type with a corrugated barrel and then either a two-piece plastic clamp, or a screw type hose clamp (like on a radiator hose).

Is the part the right size for the hose? a 3/4 part won't work on a 5/8 hose.

If every thing is correct, try using a hair dryer to warm the end of the hose to make more pliable. Also use a little dish soap to lubricate the inside of the hose. Don't worry about the soap; it'll wash through quickly.

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C.V., I fix up a lot of hoses to use to water my garden. The way I install the ends is, I buy the cheapest fittings I can find (most come from Ace Hardware).The ones I am using now for the female end is #74893.

I save my old damaged hoses to cut up and make short leaders for drip tubes. I use PVC pipe cleaner to clean the Inside of the old hose. I place a very small amount of Gorilla Glue on the inside end of the hose, also a very small amount on the insert barrel, I have some very small cuts in the end of the hose about 1/8 long to let the outer edge slip around the fitting just to get it started.
All of my hoses are 5/8 " in dia., the fitting I listed above is listed to fit 5/8 or 3/4 hose. I use a 1/2" CPVC nipple glued to a short piece of 1/2" CPVC tubing to push against the inside of the female hose fitting so the plastic barb wont slip through the threaded ring.

The gorilla glue will serve as a lube and expand after the assembly has been made.

The male end is much easier to replace. To attach two broken hoses together is even easier. Just clean the inside of each piece if hose, cut about 4" of CPVC tubing and use gorilla on all pieces (very small amount), slide them together and clamp. I use about 18 gauge wire, wrap it twice and twist, bend the wire over and cover with electrical tape to prevent the sharp wire ends from scratching you.

All joints need to be clamped with a clamp or tight wire. I only use 5/8 dia. hose the fittings I have listed wont work on a 1/2 hose, and may not work on a 3/4" hose.

If you use too much Gorilla glue is used it will expand and restrict the flow in the hose.


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I use hot water! Specifically, I boil some water in a large sauce pan and carry it to the hose, stick a cut end in for 30 seconds, then jam the fitting in. No problem! This works for flexable PVC tubing as well. If the attandant clamp is a one piece item, remember to slip it on first.

I have not had any problems with this methood, but if it wasn't coompletely successful, I would have a flat surface available, reheat the partial connection, and press it down on the flat surface.

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I re-use male/female ends by cutting the outer brass compression at a slight angle to the ends. The cut at an angle makes peeling the outer brass compression off easier. It's just a light cut with a hacksaw w/o cutting the inside barb. I use the stainless rated hose clamps at Home Depot and Etc to re-attach the hose. Usually the stainless rated clamps are not 100% stainless but they have worked very well. jow

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