Type of mulch for a large area with tree swing

Nissan1147April 30, 2014

I'm not sure what type of mulch I should use. We have a large mulched area, approx 25' x 30', around a large maple tree in our front yard that see moderate foot traffic. The area has some perennial type plants (I have no idea what they are) but is mostly open mulch. Last year I hung a nice tree swing, that hangs about 5' from the trunk, that is used heavily by both my and the neighborhood kids. Additionally, this mulched area is also used as a path to the neighbors house.

Since this area is in the front of our house and we live in a nice area I want it to look good; however, I also need it to be able support a bunch of kids constantly walking/playing on it. What type of mulch would you recommend? TIA

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I would probably go with rubber mulch or pebbles like at some playground where the kids play. You don't need it to break down to feed the surrounding area as much as you need it to withstand the traffic and possibly reduce the required maintenance from you, year after year.

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darth_weeder(z7 NY)

I would put down shredded wood mulch.
Less maintenance and much easier to get rid of if you change your mind or the tree comes down.

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