Kohler Engine problem

mikeweaseApril 12, 2008

I have a Sears tractor with a CV22S Kohler motor. It starts and runs well, lots of power. The oil level is good. It does not burn blue smoke from burning oil. The compression in both cylinders is 75 lbs.

The problem is....when the motor is revved up...oil is discharged from the vent in the fuel pump. The oil is obviously coming from the vaccuum line....but why?

I have owned this tractor since new in 1997.

Does the fuel pump need to be overhauled? ...any info would be 'preciated


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Since reading thru some other earlier postings....I read a 25 hp had 150 PSI/ 115 PSI...the 115 had blown head gasket
creating pressure in the crankcase causing the oil problem.

I am assuming this may be my concern....although I am only getting a reading of 75 PSI on each cylinder.(checked a couple times)

Why would I be getting a consistent reading on both cylinders and much lower than specs? You would not think both gaskets have blown simultaneously?


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If you have a vacuum tester connect it to the oil fill and see if the crankcase is running at negative pressure.

If not disassemble and clean the breather and reed. On every down stroke the breather is supposed to let air out meaning that with every up stroke there will be a vacuum with the net effect being a negative pressure in the crank case.

Lack of negative pressure, or worse yet positive pressure will cause oil leakage form seals etc.

Best of luck.

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I do not have a vaccuum tester....I do know that I had oil
coming out of the oil fill tube.

As you can see I am not a mechanic and would like to ask a few more questions....What is the reed (is it a valve) ..I checked some fuel system diagrams and did not see the word reed being used?
Also....what is the compression supposed to be on the 22hp motor?

Thanx for the input ......Mike.

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When you checked the compression did you set the throttle to wide open and make sure the choke is off?

If the throttle is not wide open you can get a false compression reading.

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I was thinking the same thing about the false compression reading and an open compression release.

But Im not sure what it takes to make sure the compression release is completely disengaged. so that you would get a true compression reading .


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Since both cylinders measured the same and equally low I suspect something would effect both cylinders... like not holding open the throttle or setting the choke closed out of habit.

Oil discharge from a vent almost always indicates too high an oil level in the crankcase.

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Preciate the input...

I did try the compression test at about 3/4 throttle and with choke open....a friend of mine was standing by to help.
It was his guage we were using.
The oil level was checked a couple times to assure no overfill...my chum also checked it. It was at proper level.

Can someone tell me what the reed is and are they sure I have one on this particular model?

I have checked some similair diagrams on the kohler website and found no mention of a reed?/????


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I'd check the compression gauge on another engine or vehicle before I did anything else.

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"What is the reed (is it a valve)"

It's kind of a "flapper" valve/check valve.
It would be part of the crankcase vent. You'll probably see a rubber hose going to the carb intake manifold. The vent is on the other end of the hose.
"Some disassembly may be required" :-)

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Hi mike, no matter what is going on in your crankcase, if the fuel pump diaphragm is good, oil wont come out the breather hole of the pump. Crakcase pulsation (line from case) is on one side, th eatmospheric vent on the other.

To test for crankcase vacuum, shut OFF engine. REmove dipstick. Place part of a n intact plastic bag over hole. Start eninge, bag should suck down into dipstick tube a little. HOLD ONTO BAG so it dont get sucked int LOL. Shut off engine.

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Thanx Bill & Dave...

I know that there is definetly pressure in the crankcase...
when I remove the dipstick cap...oil sprays out onto the floor...and stops exiting the breather hole on the pump.
When the stick is replaced the oil again exits the breather hole.

I will try to locate the flapper valve and check that before
removing the heads...I will also try another compression check on my ATV to make sure the pressure guage is functioning properly..

Thanx again.......Mike.

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You might want to check that the crankcase is properly venting into the air cleaner housing. A vent hose might be inadvertently pinched and causing this symptom.

If case venting is impeded the pressure will find any way it can to release and the leaks can can really be confusing.

You can always call the Kohler factory and ask to be transferred to small engine technical support. They have answered some real head scratching questions for me.

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would you happen to have that number.?


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Is this the same Kohler as this Kohler? The plumbing company?

Here is a link that might be useful: Kohler

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Kohler Engines... contact us
Ask for the phone number of small engine technical support

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