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wisterialaneJune 27, 2010

Does anybody happen to know the name in English of this particular tool? I'd be eternally grateful! here it is (used to dig holes in the ground for various purposes, planting poles etc):



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I couldn't conjure up the picture, but i think you are describing a "Post-hole digger". If it has two long wooden handles, and a half bucket type thing on the end, hinged so they sit opposite of each other, on the ends of the handles--yep--thats a post-hole digger! A good tool for the purpose, but if you have a lot of holes to dig, it might be better to rent a powered post-hole digger.
Pre-dug post holes are available from some place in the Kountry Life section, but i'm not sure of the cost or availability! by: Rusty Jones

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It's called a drain spade.

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masiman(z7 VA)

I couldn't find a drain spade picture to match what the OP posted.

What searches call a drain spade is what I call a transplant spade.

I have not seen anything like that before. I am guessing based on the company you link to that sells that tool plus the design that it is meant to be a type of post hole digger. The company seemed to be a fencing company. The tool looks to have a long heavy handle similar to a landscaper bar. The small head and curved/bent sides along with the heaviness (assumption) would make it suited for using the tool going up and down like a post hole digger. If it is heavy you could go us it near horizontally but it would be less efficient if it is as heavy as I think.

Page 5 of this catalog shows the same type of shovel along with another landscape type bar.

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This is a picture that the OP posted.

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Does look like some type of spade. Not a post hole digger of which there are two basic types. The Clamshell which is most popular and the Boston digger which has a single blade for digging and a clamp for pulling the dirt out of the hole. With any post hole digger you have to have some means of pulling dirt up out of the hole.

Here is a link that might be useful: Post hole diggers

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