removing pto on lt cub

hoot49(south east, usa)April 23, 2013

LT1018 Cub with Briggs engine, vertical shaft, PTO on bottom. Need to replace drive belt. Looks like PTO comes off to access the engine pulley. Being told that in the absence of an impact wrench, stuff rope into the cylinder for a piston stop. Anyone done this and have any other/better suggestions?

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Yes that will work. But it is critical that the engine be positioned properly before putting the rope into the cylinder or you run the risk of bending a valve.
For loosening the PTO bolt, the engine must be positioned (by hand) so that the piston is ascending on the compression stroke but has not yet passed TDC. Both valves are closed at this point and the rope will stall the piston.
When you are ready to tighten the PTO bolt later, you will need to back the engine off of the rope and pull the rope out so you can reposition the piston to hold in the opposite direction.
After the rope has been pulled out, turn the engine in the normal direction of rotation (by hand) so the piston passes TDC and begins to descend into the power stroke. When the piston has gone down far enough to let you feed the rope in, tighten the PTO bolt.
When you are finished, remove the rope.
Usually you can turn the engine by pushing on the grass screen on top of the engine.
If this is a 2 cylinder engine, DO NOT feed rope into both cylinders because the 2 cylinders are in different strokes of the 4 stroke cycle and you run the risk of bending a valve.

You can purchase an electric impact wrench for very little money at Horrible Fright if you do not have an air compressor.
If you do already have an air come you ain't bought a cheap pneumatic impact wrench yet?

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Many tiny garage compressors lack the CFM to really power a pneumatic impact of adequate size.

HF has their electric impact on sale for an all time low of $38... too good a deal not to have one.

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Last time I needed an impact wrench, I rented an electric, $20 including tax for a 24 hour rental. Makes life sooooo much easier.

I don't know if I'm getting old, but things I used to buy for a "very seldom use" or get into very "complexicated" work arounds, I now just rent.


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I'm already old and getting more bang for my buck has been important to me for a long time before I got old.

Electric impacts are tools that will find many uses if you have one. For $38 it will earn it's keep rather than paying $20 and driving every time you need one.

Mower PTO nuts, mower blade nuts, car lug nuts, anode rods on water heaters...

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