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exmarJune 15, 2012

FYI, just got an email from Sears that mechanics tool kits and chests are half price. Went to the site and they are. Craftsman may not be the brand name it once was, but half off is half off.

Wish I needed something.....:-)


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"Craftsman may not be the brand name it once was"...Yhe're perfectly adequate as are the Taiwan-made mechanics tools sold at Walmart and Home Depot. I have never broken one unless I abused it with a cheater.

"Wish I needed something"...I've never let that stop me.

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Way back, when our learned heads in Guvment told us mechanics and auto body fixers that we'd have to buy all new metric tools, The big tool makers/sellers hiked their prices!
We had a roving tool seller who had a stall at the local flea market. He sold metric tools made in Taiwan. He said they had a guarantee, so i started buying them, at about half price, compared to Snap-on and others.
Well, i still have them and use them when i work on mowers and lawn tractors. I've never broken a socket or hand wrench, but did replace the ratchet once.

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Snatch-on ain't what they used to be either.
Last time I had a bad rats-it they gave me
a rebuild kit. AND, the next time he came
by, I had to give him the guts that I took
out, or I would be charged for the rebuild kit.

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