Sears 20% off sale Lawn and Garden

vinnie_s(NJ)April 27, 2007

FYI, I just got a flier that has 20% across the board on all lawn and garden. I know many here are die hards with their tractors and brands, but I don't see much difference in quality on the low end under $2,000. So in case anyone is in the market where money is the biggest factor, maybe here is you chance. I bought my Craftsman DLT3000 in 2003. But when I go to the stores now, I would not know what to buy. Most of the major manufacturers have flooded the low end market as compared to 2003. There ar clearly more choices. Most look the same in quality.

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Big surprise! I hear Kohl's is having a big sale this weekend too.

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I don't even recall seeing a 20% sale on Lawn and Garden before. Usuallly 10% is the max.

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Unless you are Friends or Family, or you use your Sears Card, or it is within one month of any holiday (governmental, religious or others), or you are a Sears Club Member, or... When is there not a sale on Sears Lawn & Garden? If what you want at Sears is not on sale, wait a week, it will be. It is there way of making people think if they don't buy today, they will be missing out on "the lowest prices of the season." I would like to see their definition of a "season."

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Interestingly Consumer Reports has a sears tractor listed with the same price as that being promoted during this sale. Sears cries wolf too often as it relates to 'on sale' pricing. I got a little pumped when i first saw the tv ad stating 20% off since I'm in the market.

With Sears, there sale price is everyone elses everday.

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Metal, your right and wrong. You are right when many things are on sale at Sears Lawn and Garden. But this is an across the board sale. That means everything. You don't have to wait a week, or 2. Many times they shift sales, meaning something new is on sale every week. But this is for everything, so you don't have to wait.

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Hum, I haven't looked but the top of the line GT at Sears is listed around $3,000, so that means $600 off for this price. I've seen that before on GTs, but as noted this is a sale on everything, so pick your model, it is on sale, not bad.

The only thing that can beat that at Sears is to buy at the end of the year clearance when they have a few tractors they don't want to pack up for the winter. I purchased a DYT4000 in October, or thereabouts, in 2005 and it was about $600 off and it listed for about $1,600, doing the math that's about 38% off.

State your bargain and someone else with beat it.

If you need a tractor now, take a look you may like what you see.

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BTW, it's a one day sale Saturday only.

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Problem is its 20% off regular over inflated price.Sears has everything on sale every other day of the year.But for this 20% off one day only deal.Its suddenly full price day.Check it out on line.Crazy prices with a slash through it.Then a price thats 20% off.Making it just where it is any other day of the year.Im sure they will get a few to fall for it.But its hard to believe there would be any one that dumb?

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Spare me, Deere. You want to talk about over-inflated prices? Look the further than the Deeres at Home Depot and Lowes. You want to talk about dumb? How about paying and extra $500 for a Deere because of a name? You're a damn fool if you think there is any quality difference between ay of the $1,000-2,000 tractors. It's called personal preference. Look it up.

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Wow Vinnie dont get your panties in a bunch.I was not knocking Craftsman or Sears.Its just that this paticiulur big deal was no big deal.Sears does have very good sales from time to time.But on this 20% offer.Everything was put back to full price before the savings.You seldom see those full prices.Example DYS4500 regular price $1999.00 now $1499.00 but who has given $1999.00 for that tractor?Tommorow it will be some place between $1499.00 and $1999.00?My point was it was not an including sale priced items.Because none were on sale like every other week.If they would have sold that $1999.00 tractor for $1699.00 like every other day of the year.Then had the 20% off special.It would have been a good deal.

As for the John Deere paying an extra $500.00 I paid a extra $2000.00 or more.LOL wow I should have bought a Craftsman?Not!

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Oh my what a sale! I was there looking for a mower 4 days before the sale on Saturday and the sales person tells me about the big sale. So I ask her how much will the price be on a 20hp Husqvarna during the one day sale, she says only the Craftmans are on sale that day. So I ask what will be the price on a real nice one setting there in the showroom priced close to 2k, she said it would be 20% off the original price. Any way, after all was said and done it was going to be the same price on Saturday for the BIG SALE as it was on the Wednesday before. Very nice sale indeed. I am sure they were lined up on Saturday morning to save big $, what a sham.

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What a waste of time. I went, cash in hand. As usual, Sears pulls the old bait and switch. I swear, unless I'm buying a screwdriver I shouldn't even go in there. It always seems the big ticket items are never in stock... but there's always the 'well, sir, there's this one for only $600 more' Literally every time I go in there... it's unbelievable. I guess I'll learn eventually. I really like the DYS4500, meets my needs - but, of course - it's out of stock. They were more than willing to get the 26hp ready for me... but I don't have a need for 900 dollars more horsepower :)

Going with the deere... I liked the la120... any comments? Y'all seem like you bleed green (for the most part) and for the price, it's the best one to meet my needs.

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jimtnc(7b Raleigh tttf)

I don't bleed green, but I'm sure it will do a good job for you.

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davidld(central KY)

I'm not sure why this is a problem. Go to find the tractor you want at the price you want and order it on-line for in-store delivery. Typically it will be in the store in 2-3 days, a week on the outside. The Website will tell you the exact date.
You can do the same thing on the Deere site on any tractor not at the dealers.

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