best heavy duty wheeled hose reels? Tried these?

xanthoria(9)June 23, 2010

I'm shopping for a 2-wheeled, long-lasting hose reel that can hold at least 200 feet of standard hose.

Has anyone tried these models? Any comments?

This one looks sturdy.

This one has a removable reel so you can use the rest as a dolly.

Fewer features, and would need expansion pack to fit 200' of hose.

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masiman(z7 VA)

The first two are the same manufacturer, Liberty. I don't know them but they seem to be offered by a number of different outlets (Grainger also carries them). I can not speak to their quality.

A company that I like for reel products is Rapid Reel. They are usually a little more expensive but are solidly built.

If you are really serious about hose reels, look to Reelcraft. I don't think they have the 5/8" hose connectors standard but adapters are easy enough to get. I don't know of another reel manufacturer that makes as heavy duty a reel as reelcraft. They may exist, I just don't know them.

AM Leonard has a pretty good selection of hose reels. I think they sell all three I mentioned (Liberty, Rapid Reel, Reelcraft), they just don't advertise the manufacturers. AM Leonard is a reliable company to deal with.

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I have the last one (Rapid Reel) for about 4-5 years now. Paid $129, and I think you can still find it around that price if you shop. Try your local ACE or True Value.

That being said, I have been somewhat dissapointed from the perspective that there are simply too many separate pieces that make up the assembly and they either don't fit tight to begin with or loosesn over time. I have had a chronic problem with the reel loosening from the cart everytime that I wind and unwind the hose.

That being said, the manufactureer has a 10 year warranty and has always promptly sent "re-engineered" replacement parts...I just received one that supposedly will address the reel falling off.

I still like the cart and it fits my needs. Shop carefully and do pay attention to warranty.

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fredbarber(z4 CO & z6 MA)

I have the Rapid Reel and I love it. Solid! I haven't had fcarp63's problems and I've had mine five years or so.

To me, though, 200 ft of hose seems like more than I'd want on any two wheel rig. Have you looked at Rapid Reel's four wheel model?

Do shop around. Nobody discounts much usually, but there are some major gougers out there. I bought mine off an Amazon affiliate on sale and got a further discount for getting an Amazon credit card. Ended up pretty affordable.

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