how to compost chicken manure

njitgradApril 30, 2014

I have a friend that is raising chickens (2nd or 3rd year now) and he has offered to give me uncomposted chicken manure. I currently have a 3-bin compost system for leaves and greens but I have no idea what's involved with composting manure.

1) Would I need a separate composting container/system?
2) How do you go about the composting process?
3) Does it take more or less time than composting browns/greens?
4) Is the nutritional benefit more or less than composting browns/green?
5) Any other useful tidbits of info are welcome

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Fresh manure is treated as a green, more nitrogen than carbon. The general benefit is that people usually like adding manure, but even without manure, they can still get good compost.

Put it in your active compost bin and treat it through your 3-bin system, over time moving it to the eventually finished bin and using it.

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If there is bedding (straw, wood chips, sawdust) with it, you may not need extra browns. If it's mostly poo, you will definitely need browns. Make a pile and see how it goes. If it smells too poopy or ammonia like, add more browns.

Otherwise, it will compost like any other green.

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