tiller surging problem - help

sorethumbs(NW WI)June 10, 2010

I pulled a 10 year old tiller out of storage, it had sat there for 8 years and its like new, barely used. Its a front tine, 5.5hp B&S, sears-craftsman brand.

It had a very dirty (varnised) fuel system. I put a new fuel line in and pulled the carb. I cleaned the carb the best I could. I used a small, stiff wire to get into the passages and sprayed it with carb cleaner.

I have it running and it starts very easily on the first pull. It runs great at 1/2 choke. However when I take the coke off fully it surges very badly.

Did I miss something in the carb.? Help - what do you think is wrong?


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rredogg(5/Chicago Area)


I'd try running some "Sea Foam" the the carb. You can purchase it at any auto or marine shop. I use it with all my outdoor equipment (1 oz. to a gal. of gas). Go on the heavy side with the mixture to flush out and "snots" in that carb.

Best of luck with you machine, rredogg

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I had that problem w/ a recently purchased used chipper engine. Finally figured out the intake valve was sticking. Fed it some marvel oil thru the intake and it smoothed out in two minutes. Runs like a champ now.

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I was thinking "softened diaphram" from the crappy ethanol we have to use but the first two ideas sound good too.

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