Loose Gas Cap

exmarJune 3, 2014

Hi Folks,

Slightly off topic, but somewhat relevant. How many times have you read in this or other forums about loosening the gas cap to check if the fuel vent is clogged?

My regular ride is a 97 F-150 kinda beat up (like me) but runs great (not like me). I got in it the other day and started it and noticed the "check engine light" was on. Hmmm, checked for loose hoses and things, didn't see anything obvious so dropped it at my usual mechanics. He called me a couple of hours later and asked how long I'd had it? "Since 97." He laughed and said "it was a loose gas cap." No, I wasn't checking it for fuel vent. How many times have I put gas in that and tightened the cap properly?

You gotta love technology-sometimes......

Just sharing,


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I had the same experience after my 1993 Explore was totaled due to unseen heat or fire. The switch went 360 degrees and the main wiring harness bakes the dash and windshield. Looking for another Real SUV/Truck I went with an 07 4Runner, V6 2WD (to get a rear wheel drive and axle capacity). A week before the State Inception I noticed all types of lights on in the dash.

The DIY is let the Auto Store diagnose the codes which showed a leaking gas cap. Seeing an O-Ring, I asked for another but it was more. Purchased a cap, lights cleared, got my Inspection. I noticed the O-Rind was flattened on the failed cap but no quality in the new cap.

A week or two later I noticed the original capâÂÂs O-Ring had regained its shape. Took the old back by the Inspection Station and it tested OK. I took the new cap back for the refund due to quality and not fitting doorâÂÂs retainer while pumping. In the process Black On Black letters read to turn the cap One Click vs my normal 2-3. You Live And Learn! I drive 1-2 days a week approx less than 2,000mi a yr. I still have a lot to learn except changing oil every 6 mo due to warranty requiring ea 5,000mi or 6 mos. Yep! A Warranty, at that price but more due to all the New Technology.

PS. I do have a truck shell and trailer for planned wood vs this surprises I let this young contractor give me.

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Heh heh, emissions is a bullet I'm dodging by driving OBD1 diagnostics. In MA , non OBD 2 , cars are exempt. from smog test. I should check my dash with the key on in the '94 Ranger. I have never seen a check engine light.The tank smells when I top it off. So , I would think it should be throwing some sort of EVAP code. But it doesn't, so I'm not fixing it. I drove about 40 miles after topping off the work van. When I got to my daughter's, my 21 month old grandson called my attention to the open gas flap. When I checked it, the cap was off. That explains why it was running a little funny.

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âÂÂOver Toppingâ in North Tx has stalled me on 100 + degree days. I would fill at one Fwy exit and stall coming off at the next. Filling past the pumpâÂÂs shut-off was flooding my past 93 Explored. It would always start and continue fine but the stall was not a good feeling. It finally clicked that it always stalls after a fill-up and coasting off at the nest exit. Not to mention, one truckâÂÂs and boatâÂÂs tanks were heard releasing pressure while driving on one fishing trip (100+ temps). I developed a loose cap mode since we were not too full (headed for night fishing to beat the heat).

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