'mystery fuel' damage fuel pump??

exmarJune 10, 2011

OK, I've seen the "mystery fuel" we buy at the pumps blamed for a lot of sins here and in other forums. Did some blaming myself as a matter of fact.

Just replaced the fuel pump in my '97 F-150, 4.2L, the interesting thing is that I replaced it in 2007 also. Chatting with some mechanic friends, they all are of the opinion that after market fuel pumps don't last as long, but 4 years seems a little short. They don't know my luck..

Wondering if an additive would have helped prolong life, or if the trucks's low mileage (5,000 a year) is a factor.

I replace the fuel filter every other year given the low mileage.

I realize it's my fault, I'm supposed to replace the truck every five years. :-)


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bummer, I got 350 k miles out my BMW's FP. Running an electric pump out of gas will kill 'em fast. When I'm messing around with my spare pump, I run a little MMO through it.

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I had 89 tempo that didn't have fuel pump problem till it was recalled to replace the fuel pump. after that it when out every 10,000 miles.

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